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The Best Guard Dog…Is Impressive, Large and Strong – Ideal For The Protection Of Property And People.

Trying To Find The Best Guard Dog?

Many people now wish to own a dog for home security purposes. A well-trained dog can protect you, your family and your home from unwelcome intruders and vandals, thus providing peace of mind all round. Potential intruders are deterred when they see a large dog sitting on your front step or in your garden.

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Home CCTV Systems… Can Reduce the Risk of Burglary.

Home CCTV Systems A simple Home CCTV system can markedly reduce the risk of crime against your home and family.

Due to the current level of crime, people are anxious to keep their family and property safe and secure from intruders.

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Wireless Alarms UK…FM Electronics Offer A Complete Range of Wireless Alarm Systems.

Wireless Alarm Systems UK FM Electronics design manufacture and supply an innovative range of wireless alarm systems. It is a BSI registered company, number FM32224 and operates a quality management system that fully complies with BS EN 9001: 2000

This company offers a comprehensive range of wireless alarm systems UK for the protection of homes, family, or business use. For example a wireless alarm system can comprise of:-

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Home Security Cameras the Popular and Efficient Aid to Crime Prevention

 Home security cameras (CCTV), are increasingly popular with homeowners as an efficient aid to crime prevention. The cameras can be hard wired or wireless and are now relatively cheap to buy and quite easy to install. The latest DIY home security cameras are small enough to be hidden, preventing them from being intrusive around the home.

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Home Security Doors… Do Yours Meet Minimum Protection Standards?

Can you advise me regarding home security doors? 

Burglary and theft from domestic property is a major concern for home insurance companies. Statistics show that 2/3rds of House- breakers gain entry or remove goods via the doors.

Insurers require their policyholders to maintain a minimum level of security to protect their premises, when they are unattended and even when occupied. Opportunist thieves carry out most burglaries. In 2 out of 10 burglaries, they don’t even have to use force.

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Home Window Security… 30% of Burglars Gain Access to Homes Via a Window.

Police statistics indicate that around 30% of burglars gain access to homes via a window.

 So, conduct a security-review of your home window security from a thief’s point of view: –

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A Guard Dog…Provides Great Protection For You and Your Family.

A Guard Dog is the only defensive weapon that can’t be used against you!

Statistics tell us that most burglaries are residential, over half of them are committed in broad daylight and as a result, sometimes the occupants suffer violence.

A guard dog as well as being the family pet in every day life, will always be alert and can offer great protection for you and your family, from being targeted by criminals, both at home and while out and about.
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Burglar Alarms Provide Additional Home Security for Your Peace of Mind

Do I need a burglar alarm?  

First check that the general security of your home is taken care of, and consider the situation of your house and the crime statistics in your local area. A burglar alarm can either be essential or provide an additional safeguard and peace of mind, knowing that you have done your best to ensure that your home and family are protected.

Government statistics show that 60% of burglaries on homes fitted with burglar alarms are unsuccessful, which proves that they act as a useful deterrent. Burglars usually avoid breaking into a house fitted with an intruder alarm and look for easier pickings elsewhere.

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IP CCTV Systems…Deliver Convenient Viewing And Storing Of Digital Images.

IP CCTV Systems.

What is IP? IP represents the heart of the Internet protocol suite and is defined as the primary layer 3 protocols in the suite. In addition to inter-network routing, IP provides error reporting, fragmentation and reassembly of information units called data grams, for transmission over networks with different maximum data unit sizes.

IP Addresses are globally unique 32-bit numbers assigned by the Network Information Centre, which permit IP networks anywhere in the world to communicate with each other.

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Home Security System… Do I Really Need One?

Do I Really Need a Home Security System? 

Please refer to my article – “Security Review” and carry out the “Home Security Assessment & Checklist”, before you even consider purchasing any kind of home security system. This will help you find out the precise level of protection which is necessary, thus preventing needless expense on equipment you don’t need.

First of all ensure that the general security of your home is taken care of and consider the situation of your house and the crime statistics in your local area.

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