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The Chain Reaction Home Access Control System Is Unique

StranDNA (UK) Limited has launched a totally new and innovative access control system called Chain Reaction; this unique security product is designed for the home security market, but other applications include caravans, mobile homes and marine vehicles. 

Thieves are now using more extreme methods to invade property, known as aggravated burglaries, or forced entries e.g. when a home-owner answers the door and opens it, the caller applies brute force to gain access.

The Chain Reaction door security system has been designed to alleviate the fear of such crimes and when activated, to assist the Police in the apprehension of the criminals responsible, using the latest DNA trace technology and also to provide irrefutable evidence in the trial of such offences.

The access control system is activated, when an individual aggressively attempts to force entry through the door of a residence; the force used is recognized by the access control device, which is set off, sounding an 138 decibel screech alarm, to draw attention to the crime taking place and simultaneously sprays a trace liquid onto the offender.

This is a clear non-toxic substance, only visible under ultra-violet light, with a unique DNA code and once deposited on clothes or skin, can remain for months.

Once the Chain Reaction access control system is fitted by a registered approved installer, the DNA trace code supplied with the product, is registered to that specific residential address; warning stickers are also provided indicating that the house is protected by StranDNA to deter criminals.

There are in excess of 1 billion codes available for use and no two are alike!

Police forces in the UK are able to identify the DNA code with UV technology at police stations and establish the premises it relates to, via the StranDNA data base.

Priced at £199:99 inc VAT – to supply install and register your Chain Reaction system on the National Data-base.

For further information visit: Web: http://www.strandna.co.uk

Tel: (08442) 490 150

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