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XGate Intelligent Internet Security For the Wireless Age Identifies And Blocks Internet Threats

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Would you like to turn on your computer without worrying about the fear that accessing the Internet causes to you and your family?

Global Security 1’s XGate broadband router actually identifies and blocks threats before they even reach your computer! 

The Main Features include:

Auto-configuration: Simple and easy installation, designed explicitly for non-technical users.

Internet Banking Security enables XGate 2.0 users to conduct their online banking, without having to worry about being taken to fraudulent bank websites, or their online banking login details being stolen; you will be warned if the system finds any attempts to take you to a fraudulent bank website!

Child Internet Security enables you to monitor and control your children’s chat room conversations and accessing of objectional web pages; thus preventing them from becoming victims of online predators and bullies.

Desktop Live View gives you a Closed Circuit TV style screen, where you can remotely supervise all your children’s desktops in your home network and protect them, if they are visiting inappropriate websites or chat rooms.

XGate’s Spam Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook has comprehensive filters and user control for classifying and declassifying spam from your mail client and stops annoying spam email from over running your inbox.

Advanced Antivirus and Spyware Protection ensures that threats are stopped right at the Gateway and your computers are protected at all times.

Network Defence System will automatically identify and quarantine the computers on your home network that are sources of virus, spyware or other malicious traffic.

XGate 2.0 comes with wireless encryption turned on, for Internet Security out of the box, so you don’t have to!

Protects your identity and continuously monitors your computers for any invasion by malicious programs that can steal your credit card details, passwords or other personal information. XGate 2.0 will notify the user and remove such offending programs automatically.

VPN client & server – Using Virtual Private Networking technology, you can connect securely from home to your office or the other way around.

XGate internet Security supports online gaming for all major games systems.

Comprehensive and powerful Web Filters to control access to inappropriate websites.

Integrated protection at the gateway and for internal computers by means of a powerful enterprise class, secure yet flexible firewall.

XGate retails for around £89.

Web: http://www.gsec1.com

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