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Biometric Finger Print Access Control Systems… Easy and Secure Control of Access to Apartment Buildings etc.

Biometric Finger Print Access Control Systems

Finger print recognition is now one of the safest and most secure methods of access control. Passwords and PIN numbers can be forgotten and keys and swipe cards can easily be lost or stolen.

You can now use state of the art finger print biometrics technology, to control access to apartment buildings, office buildings, factories, leisure clubs etc.  

Landlords and buy to let investors, can enjoy special advantages by using Biometric Finger print Door Access Control Systems, as there is no need to change locks every time tenants change, or spend time at the locksmith having extra keys cut. The system also allows landlords access to all of their properties, without carrying a large bunch of keys and eliminates worry about tenants failing to return keys on moving out.

The Advantages offered by biometric finger print systems are the higher level of security provided over existing products; new users can be authorized for access instantly, since there is no need to have extra keys cut and the products are easy to fit and fast to use.

In order to open a lock using your fingerprint, you must first be enrolled onto the system by a simple quick process. To open the locks simply place your fingerprint on the scanner and it is then cross-referenced against the stored ‘authorized user’ templates.

When a match is found, authorization is complete and the lock opens. This whole process takes less than 1 second.

For Example:-

Icon Biometric Finger Print Access Control Systems> i2000A

This biometric finger print system provides a very high level of security for up to 160 users. The time and date is stored every time the door is opened, thus allowing every access to be tracked and monitored.

It is ideal for apartment buildings, offices, factories etc. The unit stores up to 16,000 door-opening records; is of strong and durable construction and comes complete with the door locking mechanism.

Finger Print Biometric Access Control…Is Considered To Be The Most Reliable Biometric Technology.



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