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Boat Security… Boats are More at Risk Than Homes.

Boat Security It is important to take the security of your boat seriously.

Everything on your boat is at risk from thieves, who will help themselves to any marine equipment, which is not secured, accessories, personal possessions and even the boat itself. Protect your boat both at home and at your marina.

Boats are more at risk than homes, since a thief can just tow your boat away and stolen boats are very difficult to track down and retrieve.

Hints and Tips-Boat Security UK 

  • First review the risks, then install a suitable security system on your boat, displaying a notice saying that it is protected.
  • Make sure that your main hatch and fore-hatch are strong and able to be locked and always secured when no one is on board. Use strong padlocks or rimlocks on all cockpit lockers.
  • Never leave the keys in the ignition – keep them with you and separate the ignition keys from your boat security keys.
  • Don’t leave valuables on display, to tempt a passing thief. Close your curtains or blinds to prevent intruders looking in.
  • Outboard motors and dinghies are valuable and attractive to thieves, keep them secured.
  • Mark all your boat equipment with your home postcode and keep your list of serial numbers up to date.
  • Get to know other boat-owners and keep an eye on their boats, as well as your own.
  • Report any strangers acting suspiciously at the marina to the harbour or yard master.

 There is a wide choice of boat security systems available e.g

Boat Marking System Tagging your boat is a good idea to defeat boat theft. Under the new boatmark scheme, HPI Ltd. is working with the British Marine Federation to tag both new and second-hand boats.A unique 14-character Hull Identification Number (HIN), was introduced as a standard identity feature for all new boats in 1998 by means of a coded electronic tag, which is very difficult to remove or destroy.

The GPS Security System as successfully used in motor vehicles, offers a geographical tracking system so that you are always able to trace the location of your boat.

The Canvas Snap Alarm System is an easy to install complete boat alarm, that uses a marine sealed snap sensor on your boat canvas, as the primary detection device. As soon as anyone tries to unsnap your canvas the ear piercing 107dB siren sounds.

Pressure Mats are thin vinyl mats that activate an alarm when stepped on. Pressure mats come in various sizes and must be weatherproof. Pressure mats should be placed on connectors so that they can be removed to service the boat.

Ignition Immobiliser boat security alarms like car alarms, can incorporate an immobiliser switch that will prevent your boat being taken away without your consent.

VoiceAlarm is a Marine Security System that provides warning in your own recorded voice, along with a siren, that a protected area has been invaded. This spoken alert can be broadcast from your boat via a very loud on-board speaker system, that can be heard for up to 1 mile away, which guarantees your boat receives attention.

In addition a GPS locator/notification system can raise the alarm via telephone, fax, e-mail, or cellular autodialer able to call up to 8 telephone numbers.

For further information and advice about boat security, consult the crime prevention officer at your local police station, he will be pleased to help you.

Robust Padlock Security…Can Protect Valuable Contents On Your Boat.

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