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The Bosch Abacus Evolution Burglar Alarm Control Panel… Is Easy to Install ,Use, & Expand.

The New Bosch Abacus Evolution Burglar Alarm Control Panel.

Bosch Security Systems has simplified the task of meeting the latest intruder alarm standards, (which all installers and users must meet from 1st October, 2005). 

The Bosch Abacus Evolution Burglar Alarm Control Panel can be configured to meet virtually any residential and commercial requirement to EN50131, PD6662 and DD243 standards. It also meets or exceeds BSIA and ACPO false alarm requirements.

There are two models of this home alarm system, which feature the latest technology, superb flexibility and an affordable price – the ICP G2 model for 8 to 64 zones in Grade 2 applications and the ICP G3 model for 8 to 256 zones to Grade 3.

Both models of the intruder alarm panels feature an impressive range of functions using future focused technology, including a wide range of snap-in modules for easy configuration and expansion. Communications for remote servicing and maintenance are available as an option.

The Bosch Evolution burglar alarm control panel is suitable for both Residential and Commercial premises and supports high performance solutions to satisfy every need.

The Impressive Features and Benefits 

  • The Abacus intruder alarm panels are fully compliant to all the new security industry standards: PD6662/EN50131/DD243.
  • Easy to install – The modular expandability and wide range of wiring choices reduces installation time and minimises disturbance on site.
  • Simple to Expand – The use of simple ‘bus’ architecture for detectors and control devices, means that just ‘tapping’ into the ‘bus’, provides for complete flexibility for future changes and easy, less disruptive expansion.
  • Easy to Use – Abacus Evolution’s user interface is as clever as it is simple. One single consistent action using a PIN code or a proximity tag is all it takes for any operation. The easy to use keypad helps both young and old to operate the system correctly. The Prox reader not only sets and un-sets for you, it also identifies the user.
  • Set and Unset via TAG – The ‘ICP’ Range can be set and unset via a reader, using a PIN code or Proximity Key Fob or Card.
  • Anti False Alarm – equiped with exacting safeguards against false alarms, meeting and exceeding BSIA and ACPO (police) requirements, while still maintaining the highest level of protection.
    False Alarms can be identified easily via the English Text display on the keypad, indicating each Fault or Alarm should an incident occur.
  • Access Control – Up to 16 proximity TAG readers, including adjustable timers, request to exit, heavy duty relay outputs and full reporting.
    Enjoy top security around the clock, with the new Proximity Keypad, only authorised persons are admitted to your property. This ensures the best protection of inventory and valuable possessions day or night. Be informed when your children come home from school, with SMS confirmation via your mobile, and many more user friendly functionalities.
  • Automatic Maintenance Programme – Compatible with AMP PC Software to allow servicing via a telephone line.
  • Diagnostics- Built-in Volt, Current, Resistance Meter.
  • Downloading – Full up and downloading control via remote PC including Diagnostics.
  • History – 500 expandable to 1000 events, all time and date stamped and printable.
  • SMS Messages to Mobile-The ‘ICP’ Range can send a variety of SMS Text Messages to up to 4 different GSM mobile telephones.
  • Timers – for Area Exit, Area Entry, Double Knock, Soak, AC Off, Siren Delay, Siren, Strobe, Speaker, Re-Arm, Settle, Pre-Alarm, Set Fail, Line Fault, Confirm.
  • Zones- The ‘ICP’ Range has EOL zone technology, expandable from 8 to 256+ zones using snap-in MC cards.
  • Zone Types- Fire, Gas, PA, Silent PA, Tamper, Intruder, 4 Exit-Entry Types, Day Alarm, Block schloss, Trouble, Switcher, Closure Supervision, Shunts, Entry Shock.

An optional plug-in digi-modem and AMP (Automatic Maintenance Programme) for the intruder alarm panels, also offers installation companies added benefits, such as confirmation of correct testing of the system and a full diagnostics report, including parameter programming.

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