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Bosch Intruder Alarm Easy Series… The Easy to Use Intruder Detection Solution.

Overall Winner of the Best New Intruder Alarm Product Award of the year at IFSEC 2005.

The Bosch Intruder Alarm – Easy Series, Simplifies Intruder Alarm Systems for Homes and Small Businesses. 

The new Bosch Intruder Alarms Easy Series is an inexpensive and easy-to-install intruder detection solution, ideal for residential and small business applications.

Effortlesss Installation. Easy series replaces text menu displays, with voice-prompted control of operations and programming, either on the premises or by telephone making set-up and operation very fast and easy.

Installers don’t even have to visit the premises to make adjustments or for servicing. Plug-in voice modules are already available in more than 20 languages.

This Intruder alarm system UK can also be pre-configured and programmed using an optional plug-in programming key. Installers can specify up to eight points, connect up to four external sensors and up to four control centres. Fire detectors can also be added to the system.

Bosch has made this control panel so simple and self-explanatory that the installer can do without conventional costly training programs, thus cutting costs and speeding up installation.

Ease of Use An RFID disc on a keyring permits authorised users to be identified without entering access codes, allowing them to activate the control centre-On or-Off, when presented to it at approximately 5-cm distance.

The control centre also incorporates a presence detector that activates the status display, if someone approaches closer than 30 cm.

Alternatively, entering a pass-code or pressing a single button can arm the panel. Immediately, a voice prompt will tell you the current status and the display will be illuminated.

Users can set detection for All zones, or just for Selected zones if they are on the premises.

Anyone including children, can easily and reliably turn the intruder alarm system on and off, by means of the token and voice-prompting.

Unlike common keypads, the control centre uses only symbols and colour with no text. By means of the high-contrast LCD display, the user can see at a glance whether the panel has been turned On in either the Occupied or Unoccupied mode.

After an alarm transmission to an alarm-monitoring centre, the Bosch Intruder Alarm can also send an individual text or voice message to the mobile phone of the owners wherever they are, or to key-holders and/or neighbours.

For a Medical or Panic Alarm five keys under the slide cover allow a pass-code to be entered.

Remote operation of the system is extremely simple.

System Updated – posted 18/12/07

Designed for residential and small commercial applications, the Easy Series Intrusion Control Panel requires minimal training and support and is easy to install, configure, and test. The control center speaks while showing animated icons, so that the user quickly understands the informationand tasks.

Optional wireless Local SecurityNetwork (wLSN) support is available in Europe. wLSN provides two-way wirelesscommunication using the 868 MHz security band, easy installation, automatic configuration, and a variety of wireless devices.

Note: wLSN support is available only in Easy Series Intrusion Control Panels, Release 2 (ICP-EZM2).

Supports up to 32 total input points (hard-wired,wireless, or combination) Advanced false alarm reduction Integrated proximity reader Speaks language of choice wireless Local SecurityNetwork (wLSN) support Remote Programming Software (RPS) support Simple icon-based control center Integrated digital dialer, voice dialer, text messaging,and two-way audio verification.

The Bosch Blue Line Detectors…Provide Optimum Performance And Maximum Flexibility.

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