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Bosch IP Security Systems…Offer Attractive IP Network Video Surveillance Products.

Bosch IP Security Systems

IP technology has arrived and its popularity continues to grow. Almost all new networks installed today are IP networks. These IP networks are everywhere, in the home, at the office or in public places and can even be accessed on 3G mobile networks, carrying voice, text and video data all over the world.  

So when installing a new CCTV system or upgrading an existing one, taking advantage of IP Surveillance Technology will ultimately increase the accessibility and efficiency of your system, by integrating seamlessly with existing analogue products and networks.

Bosch Security Systems, the manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, offer a wide range of attractive IP CCTV Systems. They are ideal for use anywhere where sites or property need to be monitored or secured from a distance, due to their ability to combine excellent picture quality with the lowest data rates.

Bosch IP Security Systems are compatible with all current computer systems and data networks. The IP CCTV systems compress and transmit multimedia data in digital sequences, providing superior imaging and transmission quality at the lowest data volume. All of these are major advantages.

An Interesting example is The Bosch VIP 10 Single-Channel MPEG-4 Encoder or Decoder:-

The VIP 10 features S-VHS quality MPEG-4 video at up to 30 fps and two-way audio over IP networks.It supports PAL / NTSC and CCIR /EIA sources and is available in two models, either as an encoder or decoder.Full-motion IP camera surveillance can be remotely viewed on any Windows PC with audio intercom and telemetry.

The video signal can be received and displayed with a standard web browser, or VIDOS video management software. Using a decoder you can integrate point-to-point connections into your system, to display video from any camera on your analogue monitors.

The system provides dual streaming for viewing at one resolution and/or frame rate, and recording at another. This reduces disk storage costs and minimizes network traffic. The receiver enables you to view S-VHS quality networked video on a standard CCTV monitor.

Also supports remote control of popular PTZ cameras, domes, and multiplexers. It includes sophisticated directional motion detection to conserve bandwidth and centralised storage

Optional external storage is available using a memory stick or external hard disk at the USB interface.

The VIP 10 is tiny enough to be embedded within a camera housing, or can be mounted near the camera, or centrally rack-mounted, providing a great solution for any compact MPEG-4 application.


  • Single Channel Encoder or Decoder.
  • MPEG-4 Compression.
  • Dual Streaming, view at one quality, record at another.
  • Two-way Audio.
  • Alarm Inputs and Relay Output.
  • PTZ Control.
  • Built-in Web Server
  • Multicast & Internet Streaming

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