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The BT Home Monitoring-VP1000… Monitor Your Home By Phone, Text, or E-mail.

BT Home Monitoring VP1000

A burglar alarm monitored system is a very effective means of bringing a response to a home alarm activation.

BT’s Redcare UK who are the acknowledged leaders in remotely monitored alarm technology, are now offering an easy to install package called VP1000 at a very affordable price.

This BT home monitoring system provides a complete home protection set-up for your home that combines high quality security hardware with an intelligent monitoring service, over your telephone line.

Real Time Alert When the sensors in your home detect an event your BT home monitoring system will contact you, to inform you exactly what has triggered the system.

On activation, the BT Home Security Monitor calls the monitored property first, to check for a false alarm. In such an event, you can prevent further action by de-activating the system by using your security PIN number.

Failing a response to this call, the system sends alerts using a combination of fixed phone line, text message and/or e-mail to the contacts you have provided. Up to 3 contacts e.g. family, friends or neighbours can be designated to receive alerts.

The alert communicates details of the event and a unique code. If the first contact doesn’t respond, the system continues the sequence of alerts until the third contact has been notified. Whenever a contact responds to the alarm the process stops.

The real benefit of the alert information is that it helps you make an informed choice about the action you should take.

The BT Home Monitoring VP1000 comes as a boxed package, containing a complete wireless security system for a small to medium sized home. You can expand the system at any time by purchasing additional accessories.

The system is easy to install by DIY.(Full instructions are available in the user guide or by download from the BT web site).

All you need is a power supply, Internet access and an active telephone line. The system is compatible with all types of phone line including, cable broadband, ADSL broadband and Home Highway, but not ISDN2e.

Once installed, you have to register your system online to create your personal homepage, which then enables you to manage your system preferences and remotely monitor your home.

System Security & Maintenance

The BT Home Security Monitoring system has safeguard mechanisms built in at each point in the monitoring process.

  • The Internet monitoring service and the web page where you manage your account, are hosted separately to ensure that your home is always protected, even if BT have to carry out routine site maintenance.
  • Your personal homepage is securely password-protected and the link between your computer and the Control Centre, is protected by a proven technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layering).
  • The BT Home Monitoring System VP1000 needs little routine maintenance, as the control panel constantly checks its systems, sensors, and the telephone line for problems. If it finds one – e.g. a low battery in a sensor – it will be shown on the control panel display; your personal online account is then updated and an alert will be sent to the first contact.

The BT Home Monitoring System Pack Contains

1. Control Panel – allows you to manage your home security system: it controls the in-home sensors, dials the Internet monitoring service when alerts occur, and emits a loud warning siren to deter potential intruders. You can change all your security settings using this panel, and summon help in an emergency using the integrated panic buttons. It is pre-programmed for easy installation and operation.

2. Key fob – Switch your BT Home Monitor VP 1000 on and off at the push of a button. Panic buttons allow you to summon help in an emergency. By adding the Wireless Keypad (an accessory) you can control your system from anywhere in the home.

3. Magnetic Contact – which detects when a protected door or window is opened.

4. The 2 x infrared Movement Detectors – detect any movement over a wide area. They are pet tolerant i.e. the system will ignore domestic animals up to a weight of 36kg and below 1m in height.

A Wireless Smoke Detector is also available as an accessory, to give you an early warning in the event of fire. Additional Key fobs, Movement Detectors and Magnetic Contacts can also be purchased at any time. You can add up to 28 sensors to suit your property.

BT is developing more accessories for the system including, water sensors to provide an early warning of flooding or leaks and gas detectors.

BT Home Monitor VP1000 in partership with Intamac Home Manager, provides the first 3 months monitoring included in the price, after which time, monitoring is charged at a monthly fee of £5.00. Intamac Home Manager…Monitors Your Home And Automatically Informs You Of Alerts.

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