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A Burglar Alarm Monitored System – The AlertMe Security System

AlertMe.com is an affordable new wireless burglar alarm monitored system providing a clever way for people to keep a close eye on their homes, wherever they may be, by mobile phone and the Internet. (Launching in January 2008)

AlertMe is an intuitive and friendly home monitored alarm that can easily be set up within an hour, without the need for tools, drilling or wiring.

People are then in complete control of their home security; they can personalise this wireless Alarm for their own concerns and to suit their lifestyle, whether they need to accommodate pets and visiting guests or a cleaner.

People are no longer at the mercy of alarm call centres, or need fear that their noisy siren will be ignored, with this direct alerting system.

Friends, neighbours and family can be immediately alerted via text message, email or phone call, about incidents such as break-ins or fires and can take immediate action, thus avoiding false alarms and the resulting penalties and blacklisting by the police.

AlertMe offers home burglar alarm monitoring services and more, by allowing people to further personalise it to fit their lifestyle. It can inform them about normal activity, enabling them to check their home is OK while on holiday or that children are home safely etc.

AlertMe is priced at £399 for the comprehensive kit in our picture, plus £10 per month for the service; this includes 24/7 monitoring, alerts, mobile SIM card for backup communications, automatic software updates, battery replacement alerts and customer support.

The Kit: ub, 2 Alarm Detectors, 3 Door/Window Sensors, 2 Motion Sensors, 1 Panic Button, 3 Key Fobs and the Lamp/System Status Indicator.

Tel: (0845) 200 2873 Web: http://www.alertme.com

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