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Burglar Alarms Provide Additional Home Security for Your Peace of Mind

Do I need a burglar alarm?  

First check that the general security of your home is taken care of, and consider the situation of your house and the crime statistics in your local area. A burglar alarm can either be essential or provide an additional safeguard and peace of mind, knowing that you have done your best to ensure that your home and family are protected.

Government statistics show that 60% of burglaries on homes fitted with burglar alarms are unsuccessful, which proves that they act as a useful deterrent. Burglars usually avoid breaking into a house fitted with an intruder alarm and look for easier pickings elsewhere.

What about the nuisance of false burglar alarm activation and the doubt as to whether the police will respond?

False alarms can still be a problem depending on the type and quality of the burglar alarm and installation (DIY or professional). However activation of modern home security alarm systems is more often caused by user error.

Yes I am interested in the additional protection offered by an intruder alarm, so what types are available?

Before deciding on the type of home security burglar alarm, check with your home insurance company first. They may offer premium discounts depending on the type of burglar alarm system you fit and the installer you use. This could help make your choice a little easier.

If installing your own DIY alarm, make sure it meets BS6707 requirements. If you are having it professionally installed, ensure your installer meets BS4737 standards. (Now also new Euro Standard EN 50131).


Should you consider a Burglar Alarm Monitored System?

The Police Burglar Alarm Response…Varies According To The Type Of Alarm You Install.

See also:- http://www.met.police.uk/crimeprevention/alarms.htm — for more good advice, for purchasing a home alarm system.

Alarm Sensors…Are Essential and Primary Elements of Your Security System.

The Optex Sequad PIR Detectors…Uniquely Confirm Activations With Two Independent PIRs.

The Bosch Blue Line Detectors…Provide Optimum Performance

BT Redcare… Is the acknowledged leader in remotely monitored alarm technology.

BT Home Monitoring VP1000…Monitor Your Home By Phone, Text, or E-mail.

ADT Alarms…Is the Largest Provider of Monitored Security Systems in the UK.

The Bosch Abacus Evolution Burglar Alarm Control Panel…Is Easy to Install and Use, Simple to Expand.

Bosch Intruder Alarm…The Easy Series an Easy to Install and Use Intruder Detection Solution.

Home Alarm Systems…An average specification for home alarm systems (monitored)

Home Automation…Is The Way Forward For Home Security Using 21st Century Technology. ,

Audible Intruder Alarms – The Cheapest Option

Wireless Burglar Alarms are the Latest Technology

Wireless Alarm Systems…Offer New Solutions for Home Security.

Wireless Alarm Systems UK…FM Electronics Offer A Complete Range of Wireless Alarm Systems.

DIY Wireless Burglar Alarms Installation…Top Ten Tips.

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