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Caravan Alarm…Your Caravan May Be Targetted by Thieves Don’t Let Them Get Away With It!

Caravan Alarm

Your valuable caravan/motor home and contents are increasingly a prime target for thieves, making it vital that they are protected by an approved caravan alarm system, which can also reduce your insurance premium, and give you peace of mind.

A Typical Quality Caravan Alarm UK is intended to:-

  • Activate upon detecting an intruder inside the caravan.
  • Protect the caravan while parked by means of mounted sensors.
  • Sound the alarm on the insertion of the road lighting plug.
  • Protect external property with wireless sensors.
  • Prevent alarm disconnection with a tamper circuit plus a back-up battery facility.
  • Provide a panic alarm and a remote control facility.

There is a wide selection of caravan security alarms/mobile home alarms available at reasonable prices.

How does a caravan alarm system work? The parked caravan is protected in two ways.

1. A tilt motion sensor and corner steady vibration sensor, detects motion associated with towing, hitching up or interference in any way. It is specially designed for use in caravans, so normal winds will not activate the alarm.

In the case of motor homes, the tilt motion sensor and corner steady vibration sensors are replaced by magnetic door and window contacts.

2.The caravan alarm is connected to the caravan’s road lighting circuit, so that when a thief hitches up and inserts the 12N road lighting plug, the alarm sounds immediately. When a thief drives off with the 12N plug inserted, every time the footbrake is used the siren will sound.

The 12N plug protects the coupled combination, so that when a thief unplugs it the siren sounds.

A PIR detector mounted inside the caravan sounds the siren when an intruder is detected, which protects your possessions from the opportunist thief.

The owners can sound the siren using a panic alarm feature, by switching the alarm on then pressing both buttons together.

Battery powered remote sensors protect external possessions,( mountain bikes, large gas cylinders, or wheel clamps etc.) by sending a radio signal to activate the main alarm.

Caravan insurance companies usually offer a range of discounts for a variety of security equipment, especially Thatcham or Sold Secure approved products.

Take Action Today to Keep Thieves at Bay!

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