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Caravan Security…. Caravans can Present Easy Targets for Thieves.

How can I improve my caravan security? 

Your caravan or motor home and contents are very valuable and a prime target for thieves, making it vital that you are aware of the need for caravan security.

Around 3000 caravans are stolen annually, so Insurance Companies are offering discounts in premiums to encourage owners to improve their security.

Here are some simple security measures you can take:- 

  • First of all, when choosing a caravan site for your holiday, try to find a Police Approved secure park.
  • Agree with neighbouring caravaners to keep watch on each other’s caravan.
  • Immobilise your caravan at all times and lock all windows, roof lights and doors, even when stopping briefly.
  • Close the curtains and hide valuable items or take them with you while away from the van.
  • Fit a lighting time switch programmed to come on in the evening, giving the impression you are at home.
  • Take photographs of the exterior and interior of the caravan, including any identifying marks and keep these at home with your registration documents.
  • Mark the serial or chassis number in several locations inside the caravan and have the vehicle VIN number etched on all windows.
  • Mark the roof with your registration number or “VIN” number, to aid identification of a stolen caravan by the police from the air.
  • Padlock gas cylinders to fixing clamps on older caravans and lock the gas compartments on later models.
  • Display security stickers prominently warning thieves that the caravan is registered and identifiable.
  • Consult your caravan/motor dealer about security features and also look into the background of a used caravan, before purchase. This can be done via the Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme (CRIS), details of which are on the National Caravan Council’s web site.

Caravan Security Products.

Caravan Security Alarms.

A typical system is designed to prevent your caravan being towed away or its contents stolen. A tilt motion sensor and corner steady vibration sensor, detects motion associated with towing, hitching up or interference in any way. As it is specially designed for use in caravans normal winds will not activate the alarm.

Another vital feature is an anti-tamper circuit with a back-up battery facility. For motor home security, the tilt motion sensor and corner steady vibration sensors are replaced by magnetic door and window contacts.

Electronic Tagging

These are fitted as standard in all caravans manufactured in the UK since August 1998 and are concealed so that criminals are unaware of them. Police back the use of this caravan security device, as it greatly improves the chances of a successful recovery. They can identify the unique tags by checking them against their database of registered caravans.


Locks and alarms can be a good deterrent and restrict the time the thief has to play with, but a determined professional thief will often overcome these.Vehicle tracking systems although quite expensive, are very effective deterrents and can be reassuring, as they lead to the fast recovery of a stolen caravan.

A GPS tracking system, will continuously track and pin-point the exact location of your stolen caravan and aid the Police, so that you are one of the 50% who recover their vehicles is greatly enhanced.

Caravan Wheel Clamps

There is a wide choice of wheel clamps available and they are simple to use and easily fitted. They tend to deter thieves, as they take time to remove and increase the chances of being caught. Consult your insurance company, as clamps are often required as a minimum form of security.

Hitch Locks

Hitch locks prevent caravans from being quickly coupled up and towed away and some are fitted with audible tamper alarms. These locks are an excellent deterrent to thieves and again insurance companies require them as minimum security. Use them every time you detach the caravan from your car.

Caravan Security Posts

Another great caravan security device for your caravan is a security post; installed firmly in the ground, it presents an obstruction to a thief that is almost impossible to overcome.

As with other security devices, look for the Sold Secure seal of approval and liaise with your insurance Company before making decisions regarding caravan security.

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A Vehicle Tracking System…Could Be Your Best Option To Prevent Thieves Taking Your Caravan.

The GSM Mobile Phone Tracker Service Has Many Uses, Including Personal And Vehicle Security.

The BT Trackit Vehicle Tracking System…Pin-points The Exact Location Of Your Vehicle.

The Alpha-Dot Security Marking System…Is An Innovative Theft Deterrent.

The Supermule Security Device…Could Prevent Your Caravan Being Towed Away By Thieves.

Wheel Clamps… Can prevent vehicle theft and deter illegal parking.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors…Can Prevent Danger To You and Your Family in The Home/Caravan

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