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The Cardio Home Automation System…Is a Highly Flexible, User-Friendly Home Control System.

Standalone Home Automation System

Research for my articles on Home Automation revealed some excellent products from respected companies, which fall into the standalone category, here is another hard wired standalone system worthy of your consideration:-

The Cardio Home Automation System Designed and produced in 1992 by Secant, a Canadian company in and introduced to the European market five years ago.Cardio home automation was developed for the smart home market and efficiently controls home security, lighting, heating, air conditioning, home entertainment and appliances, in fact this home control system will cope with almost any function you desire within your budget. 

It is a highly flexible, user-friendly home control system, designed to help you manage the home environment and make it more efficient and comfortable.

Cardio home control is suitable for installation in new build or existing houses, however, as I have said in previous articles, it is important to carefully plan and design the wiring, so that you can add to the system at any time in the future. In that way you can start with a basic set-up and add to it as your budget allows. Any well-trained electrician can easily install this system.

So lets take a look at the features and benefits offered by this smart home system:-

Remote Control The Cardio intelligent processor enables you to control and manage your home from the smart touch screen, digital keys, retroactive push buttons, or IR remote controller.
Also whether you are at home, at work, or on holiday abroad, you will always have full access to the direct supervision of your home, (security, temperature, lighting, electric outlets, and scenarios) by using the telephone interactivity function.

A valid access code is required in order to enter the menus and perform these operations.

Managing Security More than a simple conventional alarm system, the Cardio home automation solution gives you full control over access to your residence, informs you about events that have taken place, alerts you in case of intrusion, fire, power failure, or defectiveness of some appliances, and can also be connected to a monitoring station:-

  • 16 security inputs to suit all detection needs and up to 128 security zones using expander modules.
  • 8 different access codes, 1 panic code and 1 easy exit code.
  • Programmable entrance and exit delays; by-passing of one or several inputs; flashing lights in case of intrusion.
  • 100% compatibility with common alarm sensors (motion, fire, door/window contacts etc.).
  • Automatic dialler operates in the event of fire alarm, intrusion, medical emergency, freeze and overheat. 2 numbers are available for an alarm monitoring station and 4 numbers for alerting neighbours, family or friends.
  • 1 siren output.
  • On-screen panic button (fire, intrusion and medical emergency) or cancelling an alarm in progress.
  • Turns on lights in case of fire.
  • On-screen logbook, which displays the last 100 security events.
  • When the system is armed, the home can be given a “lived-in” look by means of scheduled lighting scenarios.
  • Convenient control from either the touch screen, digital keys, schedules, macros, or telephone from inside or outside the home.

Comfort and Interaction The system is easily programmed via the touch screen e.g.:-

  • The schedule function, enables you to pre-program the starting and the stopping of various systems and appliances in your house. You will no longer have to worry about your humidifier, your pool filter, or even your irrigation system, they will all be taken care of as programmed.
  • Added comfort is offered by instantly providing your preferred ‘scenarios’ such as lighting scenes, temperature and security levels according to your activity -party, evening, bedtime etc.
  • When you leave home in the morning, a simple touch of the screen arms the security system, the home temperature is turned down, and scheduled lights will be turned off.
  • Cardio home control is always working to adjust your environment (temperature, lighting and security) to correspond with your family’s schedule, thus saving energy and your money.
  • The system can adjust the lighting of chosen rooms from the moment you enter them.
  • Turn On/Off up to 40 appliances in your home.

Heating and Air Conditioning

HVAC for up to 5 zones; electrical baseboard heaters; central heating; HVAC and heat-pumps, with direct control from the touch screen.
One built-in thermostat is integrated with the touch screen panel.

Lighting and Electrical Outlets. 

  • Fade in, fade out of lighting functions – 0 to 100% intensity level.
  • Can be programmed to be a function of sunrise/sunset.
  • Controlled from the touch screen, schedules, motion detectors and contacts (occupancy), macros, telephone external or internal.
  • Lighting can be controlled by various dimmer packs to suit different loads.Turn On/Off or dim, up to 150 lighting circuits.

Telephone Control

  • Interactive Communication, the system talks to you – a simple telephone call enables you to verify and change the ambient temperature, lighting, security settings, appliances and macros.
  • A digitised human voice guides you through the different functions and provides information regarding system status.
  • Direct control from any inside telephone and from anywhere in the UK or the world (touch-tone only).
  • Controls security, temperature, lighting, and macros.
  • Automatic dialling when in alarm function, for up to four telephone numbers with alarm description.


  • Control the curtains and blinds.
  • Enjoy access to Audio and visual systems via RS232 or RJ45.
  • Up to 10 family reminders (with a beep and an on-screen message) are programmable over a 7-day period.
  • Lights can be set to flash when the phone or doorbell rings.
  • Automatically adjusts the clock for daylight and the changes are saved.
  • You can create 40 macros controlling many functions altogether e.g. lighting, security, temperature, appliances, etc.These macros can be activated from the touch screen, by telephone or, according to conditions, from digital keys, schedules and security inputs.
  • Battery backup.
  • Up to 3 wired low voltage switches (relays).

The Cardio Home Control is an exciting competitively priced wired system, unobtrusive, effective and easily programmed and controlled, for your home automation project.

The Cardio Home Automation System is CE certified and has passed the most rigorous tests of the industry in this field. The HAI Home Automation System…Is A Reliable And Versatile Home Controller.

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