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CCTV Digital Systems… Provide Security via High Resolution Pictures in Real Time.

CCTV Digital Systems use powerful modern PC technology to digitise camera images, compress and store them on a PC’s hard disk drive. Which means you can record a substantial amount of CCTV footage, providing images of high resolution in real time and access the pictures very easily and quickly.

Until recently most home security colour cameras have been of the analogue type, providing good quality images at an economical price. Computer chips have now replaced the integrated circuits in the camera head, so that manufacturers can now offer greatly improved products. 

CCTV Digital Colour Cameras operate over a wider range of lighting conditions, to produce better colour images and even include night vision cameras.

CCTV digital systems can vary from a single static camera system, to an unlimited number of cameras, recording to a digital recorder, which can also be accessed remotely.

Benefits of CCTV Digital Systems UK

  • Your family property and possessions are protected against theft, vandalism and violence.
  • Alerts you instantly if the security of your premises has been breached.
  • With real time alerts of suspicious occurrences via email or SMS, you have the chance to reduce losses and capture the criminal in the act. Triggered incidents are automatically tagged, permitting easy retrieval.
  • Digital video security systems can be networked and accessible via the Internet. You can observe your premises at any time from any place in the world, via a secure Internet connection.
  • Digital security coded recordings have been approved as admissible evidence in court, thus maximising the possibility of convicting the culprit.
  • Exchanging your analogue system with a CCTV digital system, removes the possibility of lost, deleted or faulty video tapes.

 Two types of Digital Surveillance Systems:-

Digital Video Recorders or DVR’s are complete box solution CCTV surveillance systems, capable of saving CCTV images to a hard disk. By connecting cameras and a monitor or TV, you have an easy to use digital system.

The top range digital CCTV systems also feature remote control via ADSL broadband and motion detection technology. (Only records footage when an intruder walks in front of your CCTV camera.)

You can at the touch of a key, view your CCTV cameras in different sections of the screen, according to the number of cameras in your system.

At the heart of any DVR is the video capture card and software and there is a choice between consumer economy equipment and top-notch products. You may require professional advice to ensure you purchase the right specification for your location and requirements.

You must not confuse this equipment with the TiVo or other set top cable boxes that are also known as “DVR’s.” They are in no way related.

PC Based Digital Video Surveillance Capture Cards are quite a new technology in the CCTV business. First you require a video capture card which fits into your PC.

Then after installing the card’s software, the program will allow you to view and control all your CCTV cameras, either on the PC system or remotely. You can then efficiently search through recorded events and backup footage to CD/DVD.Cameras are attached to the back of the PCI Card using the standard BNC connection.

Digital surveillance cards come in a variety of models, depending on: –

1) The number of cameras in the system.

2) The frame rate per second (FPS) quality required- from16 FPS to 400 FPS, as the higher the FPS, the better the standard of recording and real time composition of your CCTV footage.

N.B. Real time recording for 1 camera = 25 Frames Per Second (PAL).

To capture 16 cameras in real time, you would need, 25 FPS x 16 Cameras = 400 Frames Per Second PCI card.

Choosing the right camera for your CCTV digital system is very important.Suitable cameras are available in all types to suit your objective including, black & white, colour, board, covert, dome, infra red, pan, tilt, zoom, weatherproof, wireless, auto, fixed, or micro iris.

If you are seriously considering having a digital surveillance system installed, I would recommend that you consult several professional CCTV installation companies, who are able to offer a number of free services which include, site surveys, drawing up plans, costing and system design.

The Lukwerks Digital Video Surveillance System… Provides Professional Quality Security Surveillance.

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Digital Video Recorders…Are a complete one box solution for CCTV systems.

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