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The CCTV system UK Harmony VART…Integrates Your CCTV system with your Home Automation Harmony Server.

The CCTV System UK Harmony VART

The CCTV System UK Harmony VART – Integrates your CCTV system with the Home Automation-Harmony Server(HAS), thus triggering events in your home, e.g. if motion is detected, lights will be switched on in your home and a mobile phone text alert will be sent to you.

The CCTV System UK Harmony VART (Harmony Vision Alert Real Time) is a PC based CCTV Surveillance system that allows up to 4 CCTV cameras to be connected, enabling you to view and record real time video from each camera.  

Features And Benefits 

  • The Harmony home CCTV Surveillance System has a built-in web server, which permits you to connect directly with your Harmony system from another Internet connected computer and view the cameras in your home. Ideal for monitoring the security of your home whilst at work or while travelling.
  • The Harmony CCTV System UK integrates with your Harmony controlled home, to allow events to run based on the camera images. For example, if motion is detected on a specific camera, a security light can be turned on for a time period and a mobile phone text alert will be sent to you.
    N.B. For X10 control you need Harmony Home Automation Server.
  • This CCTV Surveillance System can be programmed to record only when motion is detected and provide live streaming of a CCTV Video feed.
  • The Harmony VART CCTV System UK has a 4 port Real Time video capture card at its core, which is able to capture 120 frames per second. Your cameras attach to this card via BNC connectors.
    N.B. The software needs Windows XP to run.

CCTV System UK Harmony VART 4 port- Kit Contains the following items:-

  • 1 CCTV Capture Card – 4 Port – Hardware.
  • 1 Harmony Vision Alert Real Time CCTV – Software.

Card Specifications:-

Video-in source: 4 x (BNC) Video in.

Speed: 4 x 30 fps concurrent (120 fps) when running in full resolution.

Video-in format: NTSC/PAL.

Bus : PCI V2.1 Compliance.

PC Requirements:-

Pentium III 1GHz or Higher PC with free PCI slot.

128MB DRAM (256MB or more preferred).

CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive.

Windows XP is required.

AGP VGA card & VGA monitor.

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