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The Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera UK… Linksys Latest Home Monitoring Device.

The Linksys Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera

Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems, the leading manufacturer of voice, wireless and networking equipment, announced its latest monitoring device, the new Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera (WVC54GC-UK), at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show on 4th January 2006.

This home Internet security camera enables users to monitor their home or office via a web browser, from anywhere in the world.  

The self contained Internet Video Camera, sends a high-quality live video stream over the Internet and unlike standard “web cams” the camera does not need connection to a PC, since it contains its own IP address, so that users can easily connect to an existing Ethernet or Wireless network.

Once connected to a home network and the Internet, the user can monitor the clear camera view from any Windows-based PC, in the house or office. The audio/video stream can be secured from the outside world when the user is at home, yet easily accessible for remote viewing via the Internet while away. The ability to switch off the Intamac Home Manager monitoring at any time is also provided.

The camera’s unique compact form and wireless connectivity, means it can easily be mounted on a wall, or slipped into the supplied stand for desktop use.

The Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera UK, Features:-

  • Integrated web server – to enable remote video surveillance from most web browsers.
  • Access the camera from anywhere in the world via the Internet (Windows based PCs only).
  • View the video from a Wireless-G or wired Ethernet network.
  • Includes easy to use Linksys Multi Viewer & Recorder utility with Snapshot feature.
  • Create a database for user authentication.
  • Supports resolution of up to 320×240 pixels.
  • Connects up to four remote users simultaneously.
  • Time stamp and text overlay.
  • Supports Linksys Solo Link(TM) Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) Service.
  • Supports enhanced MPEG-4 compression.
  • Multi-platform support – TCP/IP, SMTP (email), HTTP, DHCP.
  • Windows-based Wizard for easy set-up.
  • WEP and WPA security supported.
  • FTP of images sent to Intamac platform for additional speed and security.

Advanced features of the Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera UK include, automated monitoring from* The Intamac Home Manager via a remote server-based platform.

When the camera detects motion, Intamac is activated to record the video feed and stores up to 2 minutes of images.

At the same time, automated alerts can be sent to you and a Contacts list of up to 5 other people, via text message, a telephone call, or by e-mail, informing the customer that motion was detected by the camera at their home or place of business, thus allowing you and your Contacts to make an informed decision on the action to take.

Every Alert Message sent out by Home Manager asks for a response. If a Contact responds to a message, no further alert messages are sent out.

However, Home Manager does send follow-up ‘Response Received’ messages. These messages inform everyone that a contact has responded to an alert Message, and is dealing with the problem.

The Intamac Home Managerâ„¢ secure online account provides a simple and highly secure access to retrieve the recorded images and view the live video streams from every camera in the home.

If the customer is unable to access a computer at the time of the alert, they can request that images are sent to their mobile phone via MMS, or as a video clip for viewing.

*Intamac – Connecting to Home Manager Monitoring

Your Linksys Wireless G Camera, Home Internet Security System comes with a CD ROM that takes you through the entire connection process, including setting up the 30-day free trial of the Intamac monitoring service. When you decide to activate your camera monitoring account, the camera’s settings are automatically changed to allow Intamac to monitor your camera.

Your Intamac account can be used with a Home Manager or Business Manager account, to suit your requirement. These secure online accounts include a Contacts List (up to 6 people in Home Manager, or 12 people for Business Manager), managed by you. Your Contacts will be informed should an event occur.

This innovative and exciting Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera Package (WVC54GC-UK) is now available through the Linksys distribution and channel network.

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