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Day/Night Cameras – Bosch DinionXF…Is a High-Performance, Smart Surveillance Camera Series.

Day-Night Cameras Bosch DinionXF

Day-Night Cameras Bosch DinionXF Bosch Security Systems, the manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, has won the NSCA Innovations in Technology Award 2005, in the Security/Fire/Life Safety category.  

The Bosch DinionXF Day-Night Camera is a high-performance, smart surveillance camera series designed for challenging situations. It features:-

15-bit DSP Camera Technology Delivers outstanding picture quality using unique and innovative 15-bit digital video processing, even under the most difficult light and scene conditions.

The accuracy of the detected CCD signal, enables the camera’s digital signal processor to display images that reveal details in both the dark and highlighted areas of the scene simultaneously and can be used with all lens types, including manual iris lenses.

The Dynamic, back-light compensation, wide automatic tracking white balance range and superb colour fidelity, plus the unique default shutter mode, also give DinionXF the edge in picture quality.

The Day-Night Camera Bosch DinionXF is ideally suited for 24 hour, day and night security applications and provides the best quality pictures available, with more details and better clarity than ever before.
The infrared technology achieves better images than those provided using available light, so there is no need to install expensive extra lighting. Dark areas are efficiently penetrated enabling you to watch for intruders or possible dangers in these sectors.

Intelligent Video Motion Detection

All Day-Night Cameras Bosch DinionXF incorporate an advanced video motion detection system that produces an alert signal when movement is detected. Up to four individual areas, each with its own detection threshold, can be programmed to ensure a high detection capability and minimize false alarms.

When integrated with a Bosch digital recording system, the DinionXF becomes ideal for high-security surveillance applications.

Remote Programming – via Bilinx

Bilinx is the latest CCTV technology innovation from Bosch, which is a bi-directional communication capability, embedded in the video signal of the Bosch Dinion CCTV cameras.

So technicians can now check status, change camera settings, and even update firmware from virtually anywhere along the video cable. Bilinx therefore reduces service and installation time, providing more accurate set-up and adjustment, and improves the overall system performance.
In addition, Bilinx uses the standard video cable to transmit alarm and status messages, providing performance without additional installation procedures.

Easy Installation

The Day-Night Camera Bosch DinionXF is one of the easiest high performance cameras to install, configure, and operate. Three independent modes are pre-programmed, so that the camera operates perfectly, out of the box. Auto-Lens detection and the lens wizard ensure the accurate set-up and focusing of the lens.

Should fine-tuning or special settings be required, the configuration of the camera can be fine tuned using control buttons on the side of the camera and the menu-driven on screen display (OSD), provides direct access to all settings.

The Day-Night Camera Bosch DinionXF is supplied in day/night, monochrome, or colour models, with a choice of either 1/3″ OR 1/2″ CCD’s.

The Bosch Blue Line Detectors…Provide Optimum Performance And Maximum Flexibility

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