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Digital Storage…For Smaller Installations Requiring A High Quality Cost Effective Solution.

New Digital Storage Recorder

Digital Video Recorders represent the new standard in video surveillance recording. An internal hard disk is used for digital storage and provides high quality pictures; complete playback control; extensive network capability and a low maintenance requirement.

Vista,(Norbain SD Ltd) The leading UK manufacturer of electronic security equipment, has just launched Vista Quantum, a new series of ‘Lite’ Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) for smaller installations, requiring a high quality, cost effective digital surveillance solution. 

Vista Lite Quantum features a combination of many of the characteristics of high-end digital storage solutions, whilst retaining a clear perception of the needs and concerns of smaller installations.

The Vista Lite Quantum Is available in three models varying only according to the capacity of the hard disk:- Quantum4-80 (80GB), Quantum4-120 (120GB) and Quantum4-250 (250GB).

The main features of this digital video recorder include:-

  • Delivers 100 Pictures Per Second (PPS) real-time recording in medium resolution, or 50PPS in high resolution.
  • MPEG4 compression technology is used to deliver small file sizes without compromising image quality.
  • Duplex operation allowing multi-screen viewing or playback, plus simultaneous recording, backup and remote access.
  • Individual camera settings for record rate, image quality & alarms.
  • 24 hour/7 day record scheduler.
  • The DVR has 4 alarm inputs and 1 alarm output, Video Motion Detection (VMD) alarm recording and post alarm function.
  • Easy-to-use recorded data search by time, date, motion, alarm.
  • Fully network able – offering remote setup, playback, live viewing over LAN/WAN and Internet.
  • USB 2.0 connection for convenient archiving to CD/DVD/HDD/flash/pen drives.

The Vista Lite Quantum digital video recorder is particularly suitable for the residential market, small retail and office premises etc.

“Andrew Pigram, The Vista Brand Director said, “With the launch of the Vista Lite Quantum range, the digital revolution is finally accessible to every user of CCTV surveillance however small”.

“In developing the Quantum DVR we haven’t compromised on function or quality, but simply extended to the smaller installation, the benefits of high quality digital image surveillance that are now accepted as the norm, amongst the mainstream of larger installations.”

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