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Digital Video Recorders… A Complete One Box Solution for CCTV Systems.

Digital Video Recorders or DVRs are a complete one box solution for CCTV systems. They are capable of saving CCTV images to a hard disk and by connecting cameras and a CCTV monitor or TV, you have an easy to use digital security system.

Digital video recorders provide an efficient alternative to storing data and video on tape, and it has many advantages:-  

  • Simultaneous, multiple camera recording routed via a multiplexer. PC-driven systems, offer complete control of each camera individually.
  • Pictures are digitally recorded with excellent quality and enhancement capabilities.
  •  Recording can be triggered by an alarm connected directly to the DVR.
  • Ability to record cameras in true-event mode; easily store and recall information relating to the first few nano-seconds, full seconds, or minutes prior to, during and after an alarm, thus providing excellent evidence.
  • A network facility allows remote, Internet-based viewing using a standard web browser. Live or stored images can be accessed from any location, without disrupting recording.
  • Pictures may be displayed as traditional PAL television signals, on VGA displays, or on standard web browsers.
  • Provision of efficient storage size or space.
  • Easy information recall and organization – The ability to search through hours, days or even weeks of recorded video information in a matter of minutes. Not only can you search by a specific date or day, but also you can reduce the search down to the hour, minute or even a second.

 Here is a Good Example of Digital Video Recorders:-

The Bosch DVR 1C1161 Series Digital Video Recorder is an ideal replacement for analogue video recorders in CCTV systems. Being digital, there are no video tapes to change and store and it offers many advanced recording and playback features, as well as continuous or time-lapse recording for up to a week or longer.

Features & Benefits

  • Connects directly to a single camera, or to multiple camera inputs routed via a multiplexer. It is compatible with Bosch and many other brands of multiplexers.
  • The Digital Video Recorder 1C allows the recording of both quality video and audio signals to 160 GB of digital storage.
  • Recording can be triggered by an alarm connected directly to the DVR. All video images pass through a buffer. When an alarm is activated, the video footage recorded just prior to the alarm is transferred to the hard disk, allowing users to view events leading up to the alarm at later time.
    Various recording modes are available, giving users the choice of optimised image quality or longer uninterrupted recording periods.
  • Built-in display
  • Export pictures and clips to compact flash cards at the touch of a button, then transfer them to a PC.
  • Remote viewing and control of recordings and live pictures via a Web browser.
  • One of the main benefits is the quick and easy access to the digital storage. Search, for instance, by date/time or alarm events, and images are retrieved instantly. Video data is stored in M-JPEG format, to ensure compatibility across computer platforms.

The DVR 1C is simple to use via front panel controls, including jog/shuttle playback control, making it extremely easy to navigate through the menu, select options as well as view images.

Operation is also possible via an optional supplied remote control. A cable incorporating an IR sensor enables remote control even if the recorder is out of the line of sight. Digital Storage…For Smaller Installations Requiring A High Quality, Cost Effective Solution.

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