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The Burton Torino Gold Domestic Safe, Is Rated Best In It’s Class For Security And Value.

Domestic Safes

There is a wide choice of sizes within cash rated and fire resistant domestic safes at prices to suit all budgets.

A recent article in Which? Magazine rated the Burton Torino Gold 3000 best for security and value, when compared to other high security safes in the same class. 

They stated that this security safe is reasonably priced and had successfully passed every trial their experts put it through, including drilling and attacking it with a hammer and chisel without success. It was the only model among a group of security safes tested that they were unable to force.

Which? concluded it is well built, having a heavy-duty steel body and felt that the average thief would be put off having a go, just by looking at it and that important documents and small valuables could be stored in it with confidence.

Burton Torino Gold 3000 Free Standing Safe.


  • Sold Secure Gold standard rated (key lock model).
  • Cash Rating of £3,000.
  • High security, 8 lever key lock option.
  • Electronic security safe locking option includes, flush keypad, key override and external battery power point in case of lock out.
  • High security 3-way bolt work (this varies according to model).
  • 10mm steel door & 5mm solid steel body.
  • Drill resistant plates to protect lock and bolt work.
  • Removable shelf in all models.
  • Supplied with all the bolts needed for back and base fixing and good clear instructions.
  • Choice of four models and specifications.

This domestic safe can either be mounted on a sturdy wall or secured to the floor. It is recommended that you seek advice from a locksmith before fitting one, since all safes are heavy and only as secure as their fitting.!

Remember it is very important to purchase a home security safe that is matched to the value of the contents it protects.

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