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Door Entry Systems Provide Both Home Security and Peace of Mind.

Door Entry Systems are becoming increasingly popular as home security devices and are especially useful for elderly or disabled people, providing both security and peace of mind. Multi user systems are also available for use in flats and apartment blocks.

The door is secured at all times and visitors are only permitted entry via a remote release facility, which is linked to an audio-visual or audio only entry-phone. It’s the perfect way to distinguish expected visitors from the nuisance of door-to-door salesmen.

Doors with Electronic Access Control It is recommended that the remote release lock should be of a type with an electrically operated bolt action and an automated deadlocking facility, or is a magnetic type lock. It is essential that the system has a safeguard included, which ensures that the lock can be undone in the event of a power failure.

Types of Door Entry Systems – There is a wide choice of equipment available from cheap DIY devices, to the more expensive complex hard wired multi user systems.

Video Door Entry Systems – This system allows visual confirmation of visitors and remote door access into a property, giving both security and peace of mind to the people who live there.

You are able to view the door area without fitting CCTV – the camera can be activated and viewed from the phone end of the system, thus allowing you to communicate with and see visitors, before permitting them to enter.

The video monitors have a flat 4″ black & white or colour screen and a push button for electronic door release. The door cameras can be surface mounted, have auto iris lenses, infra red LED’s and auto back light for excellent pictures in low light.

Audio Door Entry – This type allows audio only confirmation of visitors and remote door control into a property. They are easy to fit and have an electronic chime call sound, metal door station mount, door release button and include an internal phone.
Multiple Audio entry systems for up to 250 apartments are available.

Wireless Door Entry Systems UK The Logisty Mobile Door-phone permits 2-way speech plus commands and enables you to answer the door, wherever you are in your home. The call is transmitted by radio, which is battery powered, between the external unit and the indoor handset.

The controller can be fixed to a wall, located in your office or on the bedside table just like a mobile telephone. It can also be used in hands free mode. So wherever you are, you have the ability to answer the call of a visitor and if you wish, permit the opening of the door.

Wireless Video Door Entry Systems UK This system is easy to set up for low cost wireless CCTV monitoring, with video & audio transmission, to protect your doors and driveway. Provides the choice of outdoor / indoor cameras, or spy cams and can be connected to your computer and CCTV system.

Complete the process by adding a remote door or gate control, so that you can permit access to your property.The wireless cameras operate on the 2.4Ghz frequency to provide quality pictures and can transmit video and audio up to 100 metres line of sight or up to 30 metres through walls & ceilings.

To view or record your surveillance footage, just mount your wireless CCTV camera and connect the small receiver to your TV, VCR or PC.Modern wireless CCTV systems are affordable, easy to install and use.

Biometric Finger Print Access Control Systems…Easy and Secure Control of Access to Apartment Buildings etc.

The Locca Sure-Touch Access Control…Enables You to Enter Your Property at the Touch of a Button.

The BPT Supagate Access Control Security System…Provides Ideal Entry Control For Larger Residential Premises.

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