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Door Locks UK How Secure Is Your Home?

Door Locks UK…How Secure Is Your Home?Statistics show that 2/3rds of Housebreakers gain entry or remove goods via the doors.

So it is important to ensure that the highest quality door locks that you can afford, protect your home.

Burglars look for the easiest target and they can be discouraged, when they find they are up against quality door locks. If a door does not have a security lock, a thief can lever it open in seconds.

If you live in a high-risk area, it is necessary to increase the number of locks and fittings to doors and windows.

Check out the following: –

Front Door Do you have a BS3621 mortise deadlock fitted?Do you also have a cylinder rim lock, where the handle can be locked? A door chain and door viewer for added security should also be considered.

Side and Back Doors Do you have BS3621 mortise deadlocks fitted?Have you got bolts on the top and bottom of the doors?

Patio Door and French Window Locks Have you fitted suitable bolts and locks?What about a secondary lock on any sliding glass doors to prevent lift out?

Types of Door Locks UK

Five Lever Mortise Deadlocks conforming to British Standard number BS3621: 1998 for Thief Resistant Locks.This is a high security door lock uk that has been rigorously tested for burglar resistance.
This type of door lock has a single ‘dead’ bolt that is locked and unlocked with a key. It is embedded in the door for extra strength, providing exceptional security and is specified by many insurance companies.
It offers excellent protection against all common forms of attack including lock picking, force, drilling, manipulation and hacksaw.

The 2 and 3 Lever Door Locks UK are not recommended for use on exterior doors.

A Sashlock is like a deadlock, but also has a built in latch which can be opened by handles. These locks are normally used on internal doors, so that the door can be latched closed, but it can also be locked for security.

A Nightlatch is similar to the old ‘Yale’ type lock. It automatically locks on closing the door and is unlocked by a key from the outside and the handle inside. Some types can be deadlocked with the key when leaving the house, which prevents the inside handle from being released.
A High Security version conforming to BS 3621 is available. This is a double security lock with an inside handle, which can be locked from the inside with a key, and automatically deadlocks on closing.

A Hookbolt Lock is used to secure sliding doors. It has a clasping action that holds the door to the frame. Some versions include a latch or nightlatch action.

Patio Anti-Lift Device There is a risk of sliding patio doors being forcibly lifted from their tracks, even when closed and locked. This device provides an adjustable wedge, which ensures that the door can only be removed when it is in the open position, for maintenance and cleaning of the gear.

Hinge Bolts can be fitted into the back edge of a door, which engage automatically every time the door is closed. They secure the door in the frame, if there is an attempt to force it on that edge.

Door Chains Your door, is your final line of defence! The majority of door callers are honest, however sometimes it is wise to check their identification, before allowing access to your home.

Fitting a Wide Angle Door Viewer allows you to see who is outside, while still keeping your door securely locked, protecting you from a possible intruder. If you can’t see who is at the door, DO NOT open it.

Central Locking…One Press of a Button Can Secure Your Entire House.

Pickbuster Will Protect Your Home Against Lock Bumping Burglary.

Multi Point Locks…Mul-T-Lock’s New Break Secure Cylinder Increases Security Of Euro Profile Cylinder Locks.

The Mortice Lock System…London Line Aims To Provide The Ultimate In Secure Locking Systems.

The Interactive CLIQ 4U Locking System…Is A New Concept In Locking For Your Home.

The Codelock 5000 Electronic Door Lock…Uses Reliable, Solid State Piezo Technology.

Robust Padlock Security…Protects Outbuildings, Like Your Garden Shed Or Garage. 

Electronic Locks… are a Simple and Cost Effective Access Solution.

The Locca Sure-Touch Access Control…Enables You to Enter Your Property at the Touch of a Button.

Biometric Finger Print Door Locks…Cutting Edge Biometric Technology.

Remember your local Crime Reduction Officer; a trade member of the Master Locksmiths Association, or your Insurance Company will be pleased to advise you, about door locks.

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