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Elite’s Enterview 3 Delivers An Ideal Door Security Solution

Elite’s Enterview 3 Delivers An Ideal Door Security Solution

Door security systems are becoming increasingly popular as home security devices and are especially useful for elderly or disabled people, providing both security and peace of mind.

Types of Door Entry Systems – There is a wide choice of access control systems available from cheap DIY devices, to the more expensive complex hard wired multi user door security systems.

Video Systems – This type allows visual confirmation of visitors and remote door access into a property, giving both security and composure to the occupants.

Elite Security’s Enterview 3, offers a complete and flexible range of superb quality video intercom door security systems; simple installation and high performance in mono or glorious full colour, delivers the ideal home security video access control system.

Enterview External Housing Features:

  • Tough powder coated metal design. Standard or pinhole camera vandal resistant versions. Integral IR illumination (standard mono versions only). Weather resistant. Superior quality CCD camera. Clear high quality audio. Surface or flush mountable exterior housing. Powered directly from monitor handset.

Enterview 3 Handsets:

  • Colour and mono. Crisp clear screen image in colour or mono, modern design Clear high quality audio. Intercom facility between multiple handsets. View only function. Up to four monitor handsets per system. Integral lock release activation; (lock release extra). Provides power for camera.

Web: http://www.espuk.com

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