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Driveway Alarms…Provide A Valuable Extension To Your Home Security System.

Driveway Alarms

Driveway security alarms provide a valuable extension to any home security system, by giving you an added layer of protection to secure your home from a possible intrusion.

Users are less liable to miss a home delivery and will be aware of who is approaching their home before the doorbell rings.

First, you need to know the distance between your driveway and the chosen site for your alarm receiver, so that you can buy a driveway alarm system capable of covering the required range. Then you must decide if you want your driveway security alarm to cover other areas around your property and if so, you need more than one transmitter.

Also if you spend a lot of time in other sectors of your property, you may require more than one receiver so that you are alerted of any intrusion while you are there.

Types of Driveway Alarms. Driveway security alarms are available in a range of styles, each using its own unique technology to protect your property and alert you to a visitor’s approach, be they friend or an unwelcome intruder. Most systems allow you to tailor the driveway security alarm to your needs and preferences.

Every wireless driveway monitor system has two parts – a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter detects an individual presence, usually through infrared sensory equipment, and alerts you via the receiver. In some cases, the receiver allows you to communicate with the visitor.

The sound of your voice (or a recorded one), can be a powerful deterrent when it comes to preventing intrusion or burglary.

Both wireless and handheld models of the driveway alarm are available in different detection ranges, from 1,000 feet to 2 miles.

There are products which use tones to alert you, others use recorded messages, or allow you to communicate with the visitor via an intercom system.

Some driveway security alarms use motion sensors to prevent small animals from triggering the alarm and allow you to set the alarm at a certain height so that animals in the area can pass through undetected. However motion detectors are not always able to filter out moving cars or branches waving in the wind.

Other driveway alarms don’t use motion sensors instead, the alarm is activated when metal is detected, or only when vehicles are in your driveway. This type of alarm system requires a probe along with cable to be inserted in your courtyard near your driveway, or into the drive itself.

When you are away from your home, even if you are up to four miles away, there are systems available, which can alert you if someone is in your drive.

There is a driveway alarm system to suit most needs and most are simple to install and easy to use. Regardless of the system that you choose, your home and family will be more secure and you will have more peace of mind.

Location Driveway alarm sensors can be installed in different locations to ensure that you are alerted well in advance of any human presence on your property, for example:-

  • Hidden from view in your courtyard.
  • Sited at your gate with an integrated intercom system.
  • Beneath the eaves of your roof.
  • Around the perimeter of your property.

Driveway Alarm Features can include, voice announcement, doorbell chimes, distinct tones indicating different sectors of detection, two way communication via transceiver, or cameras to monitor high risk areas.

For people who have extensive grounds, a handheld driveway alarm is an excellent source of both security and communication as it allows you to keep your driveway monitor alert always to hand for fast action.

A standard, wireless driveway monitor is better suited to a homeowner living in a city or suburban area, since it is easy to install and immediately alerts you to an intrusion.

Product Example

Wireless Driveway Alarm System, Working Range – 900 Metres (DAKPIR) features:-

  • 1 x Transmitter battery included.
  • 1 x Receiver.
  • 1 x Built in receiver aerial.
  • 1 x Receiver mains adaptor.
  • 1 x Years Warranty.
  • Maximum working range between the receiver and transmitter is 900 meters, line of sight.
  • The PIR has a detection range of approximately 20 meters.

These simple to install wireless driveway alarm systems are designed to inform the house or business owner of the presence of a visitor, welcome or not.They consist of the following two components.

Transmitter These movement sensors (PIR’s) are placed at one or more gateways or entrances, visual or hidden, the instant anyone passes in front of the sensor, either on foot or in a vehicle, a signal is transmitted to the receiver, which is powered using simple batteries. More than one transmitter can be used with one receiver.

Receivers These are simply plugged into a standard 13 amp 3-pin socket back at the house or office, the built in buzzer will alert you to the presence of a visitor. They can be turned on and off to suit your requirements.

More than one receiver can be used and typically kept in popular rooms, however they can also be easily be moved, i.e. kitchen in the day, bedroom at night.

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