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The Codelock 5000 Electronic Door Lock… Uses Reliable, Solid State Piezo Technology.

Why Use an Electronic Door Lock?

Why Use an Electronic Door Lock?Because these locks offer efficient control of a door with the added convenience of not carrying keys or having to find them!

Whether you are looking for a combination electronic lock, push button or digital lock, there are many applications where these versatile keyless door locks can be used.

The Codelock 5000 Combination Electronic Lock is a good example. It uses reliable, solid state Piezo technology., with a low component count.

Founded in 1990 in the UK, Codelocks specialise in stand alone coded access control locks for commercial and domestic applications worldwide.

They provide their customers control and convenience by delivering a comprehensive range of mechanical and Piezo electronic door locks for a wide range of commercial and domestic door control applications.

What is Piezo Power Technology? It is a latching system that uses ceramic technology instead of a traditional motor or solenoid and is used in many applications such as, Power breakers, Valves, Sorting machines, Cigarette lighters and Gas stove lighters.

The key advantage of using Piezo technology instead of motors and solenoids is very low power consumption – up to 6 times less than a motor and 66 times less than a solenoid, thus providing exceptional battery life.

A typical electronic lock system using a motor clutch mechanism provides 80,000 operations – 4 x 1.5v AA cells @ 2,900 mAh.

The Piezo clutch mechanism at the heart of the Codelock 5000 Electronic Lock provides: 

  • Over 500,000 operations from 4 x AA cells.
  • Durability – tested to over 1,000,000 cycles @ 2.4Nm.
  • Reliability – solid state with low component count battery power, the Codelock 5000 should provide well in excess of 500,000 openings, of 4 seconds each, from 4 x AA cells rated at 2,900 mAh. Integrated low battery warning.

Features of This Electronic Lock System.

  • Weather resistant external housing with Physical Vapour Deposition finish.
  • Remote push button and Emergency Alarm release connections and mechanical key override as standard.
  • Reversible to fit left and right hand doors and supplied with deadlocking tubular mortice latch.
  • Non-volatile memory keeps program settings if batteries are removed.
  • Connections for automatic lock activation when linked to the fire alarm system.
  • Time out penalty with audible alarm after 3 incorrect code entries.
  • Code free entry mode mechanically by key or electronically via the keypad.
  • Easy, quick programming via master code allowing up to 90 different user codes, which can be 4, 5 or 6 digits long. A new code Which is already in the memory will be rejected.
  • Primary programmes allow the user to – Enter User Code and suspend or restore individual user codes; Suspend or restore all user codes – Activate code free mode, or Change Master Code.

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