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Home Automation…Is The Way Forward For Home Security, Using 21st Century Technology.

Home Automation – I believe that home automation is the way forward for home security – using 21st Century technology to achieve leading edge protection and peace of mind for your home and family.

What is Home Automation? Most homes function by means of separate systems working independently, however these can now be integrated into one automated network, allowing you to manage your home like never before, from a central home control, a single keypad or a telephone button.

This system design is based on the conviction that security, control and communication are inseparable elements in an efficient home control system and provides the key to putting you in control and in touch with many aspects of your home environment. The benefit to you is more intelligence and convenience with the added bonus of energy savings.

The central controller and adjusts the security systems, cooling, heating, and lighting automatically, for comfort, energy savings, and convenience, greatly increasing the efficiency, value and safety of your home.

An Easy Convenient Way to access various electronic devices in your home, including security, lights, audio/video, thermostats and more, for example:-

  • An Integrated Security System – Provides a fully functioning security system – only smarter! The system monitors and alerts you of intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, freezing conditions, water leaks, etc.Remote access and monitoring of your house including CCTV, whilst away and other rooms when at home. You can even be alerted when someone enters your garden or driveway.
  • Fire – In the event of your system detecting a fire, the air conditioning is automatically turned off to prevent the spread of smoke and fire and the lights in the house are switched on to assist in your family’s safe exit.The system automatically dials-out as scheduled to phones, pagers or even emergency services for assistance.
  • Lighting, – is controlled as programmed,i.e. motion detected, door openings, sunrise sunset and alarm activation. Lighting and audio controls can make a vacant home look and sound occupied, thus deterring would be intruders!
  • Temperature control – thermostats are controlled by schedule or activity such as, when at home, asleep, away, room occupancy and outdoor temperature, providing energy savings.
  • Communications – can be set up to make outbound phone calls or send out e-mails when certain triggered events occur, or you could schedule a call to you at work, when your children come home from school and enter their security codes into the security system.
  • Easy to Operate – If you already use a basic security system, you will easily adapt to operating a home automation system. Even young children can use the basic features of the system.
  • Control and Security by Telephone and the Internet – Systems can be accessed and controlled over the telephone and via the Internet with web-link software, either while at home or when away.
  • You can telephone the control to check on the status of your home and your system can actually be programmed to contact you by phone or e-mail, to inform you of an alarm activation, or simply that your children have arrived home safely.
  • Video Surveillance and Event Recording Capability Via the Internet – so that you can view your home from any web enabled PC, PDA, or a web-enabled mobile phone.

How Much does it cost? – The cost of automation is determined by the size of your home and the complexity of your chosen system. However you can start with a basic level system and add more functions at any time in the future.

The Exciting Possibilities provided by home automation electronics are almost endless – here are a few to consider:-

  • Full lighting and audio control with different scene/mood settings.
  • Remote control of garage doors and gates.
  • Enjoy your pictures and audio around the house and play different music in every room.
  • Share the benefit of the home entertainment centre with others anywhere in the house.
  • Download music and films and integrate your TV via the Internet.
  • Mute the music when the phone or doorbell rings or answer the door from any telephone.
  • Voice control of the system and activation announcements.
  • One set of controls, or one button to control many items at once.

Identifying the Right Automation System for your house and lifestyle, involves lots of research and challenging decisions.

How do you choose between the various types of system currently available?

There are three main types of home automation system:-

1. A PC-based system requires your PC to be running at all times.

2 The Standalone system runs without a PC, although a PC may be used for the set-up programming.

3. A Composite system operates as a Standalone, however a PC can be integrated to provide additional functions.

Therefore your key decision is whether or not, you prefer a system that requires a personal computer. Once this decision is made, you can then concentrate on selecting the most suitable system for you.

Then you must consider DIY or professional installation, wired or wireless and system design etc.

Don’t install a DIY system unless you have the electrical knowledge and practical skill to do so.

Before making a decision, why not arrange to have a free home security review, advice and quotation, from one or two professional home automation installers?

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