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Home CCTV Systems… Can Reduce the Risk of Burglary.

Home CCTV Systems A simple Home CCTV system can markedly reduce the risk of crime against your home and family.

Due to the current level of crime, people are anxious to keep their family and property safe and secure from intruders.

For example, one of the most effective and affordable ways to achieve this in the home, is to install an X10 home CCTV system.

Who are X10?For more than 20 years X10 has been a leading manufacturer of home surveillance, security and home-automation products, that fit many different needs in the home.They have won numerous awards in the United States for their innovations, including the CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Quick and Easy DIY InstallationX10 Home CCTV Systems can be set up quickly, with no complicated wiring or configuration and everything you need is supplied in the pack.

Practical X10 Home Security SolutionsUsing a multiple camera home CCTV system, you can monitor the external vulnerable areas of your property, including gates to your property and your car.

X10 cameras can be used indoors or out, as they are weather-proof.

  • See who’s at the front door—don’t answer the door if you are suspicious, or you can see an unwelcome salesman there.
  • Watch your child at play in their favourite places, by keeping the TV tuned to your X10 video monitor, while you get on with the household chores.
  • Turn on your house lights remotely before you open the door- entering a dark home is always a nuisance.
  • Link the system to your home computer, so that you can make sure that your home is secure while you are away.

X10 Surveillance Systems UK.There are a number of X10 systems designed for monitoring your home and grounds. Most of the cameras are wireless, operating on the 2.4 GHz radio frequency, which are able to broadcast audio and video signals to a receiver within 30metres of the camera.

E.g. XCam 2 A Single Wireless Colour Camera Kit.A basic wireless camera system consists of a camera and a receiver and set up is very quick and easy.Operating on a 2.4 GHz frequency, this camera delivers a sharply focused clear picture and sound to your TV and/or VCR.

Multiple Wireless Cameras.The benefit of a wireless X10 surveillance system, is its flexibility and versatility – you can use just one, or up to 16 cameras-and manage them all with one controller.

E.g. XCam 2 Instant On 3 Camera Kit with A/V Receiver.This is an integrated 3-camera system, which enables you to view areas of concern throughout your home, via your TV or VCR.
You can scan between all 3 cameras, indoors and out and hear what is happening with the built-in microphone. The system also provides the facility to record the event, which can be useful to the police as evidence of criminal activity.

X10 Surveillance System UK- Accessories- add Versatility and Functionality to a Wired or Wireless Video Camera.

Ninja Pan’n Tilt Robotic Camera Mount.-Add scanning power to your CCTV camera.Managed by remote control the Ninja allows your camera to pan 240° and tilt 130, which is about four times the viewing area of the static camera.
Program up to four pre-set positions and scan through them with the push of a button on your remote control.This is an attractive feature from the security point of view!

Controller for your Ninja – Pan ’n Tilt Cameras – Controls up to four Ninja Pan ’n Tilt Camera Mounts, including up to four programmable pre-set positions for each camera.

VCR Commander – Records the video coming from your X10 camera automatically, when used in conjunction with the EagleEye Motion Sensor, manages to record all the movement around your home while you’re away from home. This is a desireable addition to any home CCTV system.

EagleEye Motion Sensor –Detects Motion and can be used with all X10 equipment, including surveillance, security devices and home automation. This sensor sends a signal to a “housecode” whenever motion is detected, turning on the devices which are set to the same housecode. E.g. Your VCR.

Powerline Transceiver-Take Control of Your System – This is the powerhouse for any X10 home surveillance system, or a home automation system. It receives radio frequency signals from X10 remote controls and transmits them over the electrical wiring system in your home to activate other X10 devices.

Perhaps installing a Home CCTV System could be your first step towards fully automating your home?

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