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Home Insurance UK Policies… Provide A Comprehensive Range of Protection.

Home Insurance UK

The most common form of household insurance, provides people with financial cover against loss or damage to their property and possessions, due to theft, fire, or floods etc.

Imagine that your house has been completely destroyed by fire, or you have been burgled. Now think about the horrendous cost of rebuilding your home, or replacing your valuable possessions- it’s a financial nightmare!

However for a few pounds per month to insure your home and possessions, you can benefit from the reassurance and peace of mind, provided by high quality financial protection to cover such an occurrence.

Types of Home Insurance UK

Home Contents Insurance UK Policies are very comprehensive in the range of protection they offer and provide cover for all your household goods, apart from fixtures and fittings, to include :-

Furniture and furnishings, kitchen equipment, general household goods and chattels, electrical equipment, and personal effects like clothing and jewellery. Frozen food is usually covered if the freezer contents are lost due to failure of the equipment or power loss.

With Home Contents Insurance UK, you insure your possessions up to specific value, which is then the largest amount of money you can claim, should an article or articles be stolen or damaged.

Home Buildings Insurance UK Policies are designed to cover the existing structure, including the fixtures and fittings in your home. Thus protecting what is likely to be your largest and most expensive asset in life, covering you against the risk of partial/total loss or damage to your property.

A comprehensive home buildings insurance policy can provide you with real peace of mind, knowing that your insurance company will cover the cost of any damage, or if needs be, the complete rebuilding of your property.

The law does not require you to have buildings insurance, however many mortgage lenders require that you have buildings insurance as part of the loan contract.

When giving consideration to your buildings cover, it is essential to get the building sum insured right, as being under insured in the event of a claim can prove to be costly.

Tenant’s Home Insurance UK Provides cover for people who rent a property, as they are liable to the landlord or property agency, for any damage which occurs to the property whilst they are the tenants.

The policy gives protection during the tenancy, against any material damage caused to the actual structure and fittings of the building, as a result of fire, housebreaking, vandalism, also against damage by floods, storms, lightning or subsidence.

Cover is also provided against loss or damage to the tenant’s personal possessions within the rented property.

Student Home Insurance UK provides additional cover components which standard home insurance policies do not deliver. These policies are a mix of both contents and tenant insurance and protect a student home against, burst pipes, storm, flood, and include theft as well as accidental damage to possessions.

Shop around and consult the various insurance companies and brokers for further advice and quotes by telephone, or on the Internet, to find the right home insurance UK policy at the best price, to protect your home and possessions.

The articles on this site are for information purposes only. None of the content of Home Security Action should be construed as advice under the Financial Services Act 1986.

Home Contents Insurance UK… Provides Comprehensive Protection For All Your Family Possessions. 

A Home Inventory…Will help you choose the correct level of household insurance.

Home Buildings Insurance UK…Protects Your Largest Asset in Life.

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