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Home Manager…Monitors Your Home And Informs You Of Alerts.

 Home Security Alarm System/Intamac Home Manager

Intamac Systems Ltd is an award winning UK Company in the Internet Accessed Monitoring and Control Services market. The company has developed a unique Internet platform and portal, through which they network systems and appliances to deliver new and innovative products and services.

They supply their services direct to consumers both domestic and business, providing a number of products, which also involves partner companies with a managed service that they can offer to their customers.

This article provides information about their home security products and services:-

The Intamac Home Manager home security alarm system, keeps you in touch with your home at anytime, anywhere.

What Is Home manager?

Home Manager is an affordable and innovative web-based monitoring service that turns your house into an intelligent home, and helps you protect your home and family against:-

  • Burglary
  • Physical threat or doorstep aggression.
  • Falls or emergencies involving the elderly or infirm.
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Power failure

The Intamac home security alarm system continually monitors your home, automatically raising the alarm by text message, voice call and e-mail, contacting up to 6 people of your choice if a security event occurs.

This home security alarm system will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you will be informed if ever your family or property is under threat, no matter where you are in the world.

So How Does It Work? Home Manager uses your telephone line or broadband connection to monitor equipment in your home such as security or CCTV systems, panic buttons etc. The equipment you require depends upon your choice of the Home Manager’s services.

If the home security alarm system is activated by an event, your own personal Contacts List (up to 6 people) is used to send alert messages and raise the alarm. Details of each contact includes:-

  • 1 mobile phone number for receiving SMS text messages or pictures.
  • 1 landline phone number for voice calls.
  • 1 email address.

The property is always called first to help identify false alarms. Resetting your alarm panel will cancel the event and prevent any further action.

Intamac Home Manager then sends an alert to each contact in rotation – including a voice call, a text and an email. So having 6 contacts in the list, a total of 18 messages are sent per incident.

Therefore it is almost certain that someone will receive the alarm and respond. Each message contains full details of the problem in hand, allowing you and your Contacts to make an informed decision.

Every Alert Message sent out by Home Manager asks for a response, so when a Contact responds to a message, no further Alert Messages are sent out
However, Home Manager also sends follow-up ‘Response Received’ messages to inform everyone that a Contact has responded and is dealing with the problem.

What Home Manager Services Are Available?

You can choose which services you wish monitored from the Home Manager range:-

  • Alarm Monitoring – alerts you if your home security alarm is activated. Several other services are included free if you buy alarm monitoring i.e. Panic Button Monitoring, Safe@Home, Flood detection, Fire Detection, Elderly Care (further equipment may be required).
  • Guarding Cover – a security guard will attend any attempted burglaries at your home 24 hours a day in the event that you are unable to go personally.
  • Camera Monitoring – you are notified (with pictures) if a camera detects movement and Home Manager sends Alert Messages by text, voice call and email to your Contacts List. Several networked cameras can be simply connected to the Internet using your Broadband connection, and registered on your Home Manager account. They can then be accessed and viewed securely through your online account.
  • Safe @ Home – you receive text messages/e-mail as soon as your children arrive home safely.
  • Fire Detection – the early-warning fire detection protects your family and possessions, by sending alert messages to all the contacts in your list at the same time. Messages are usually received by all Contacts 30 seconds after smoke is detected.
  • Flood Detection – alerts you to rising flood waters. If rising water comes into contact with your flood sensor, Home Manager raises the alarm.
  • Elderly Care – Home Manager can help your elderly relative communicate with you if there is a problem – often without action by them e.g.if someone has a fall or is at risk from low temperature.

Technical Support

An Intamac Home Manager User/Configuration Guide and an Intamac User Guide for Contacts, are available for download from the Intamac web-site:- www.intamac.co.uk

The Homesafe Alarm – Protects And Monitors Your Home Via Broadband.

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