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Cordula Home Security Shutters And Gates… Provide Extra Protection For Your Home.

Home Security Shutters

Many people are now installing home security bars gates and grills to provide a secondary deterrent and protection against intruders, because they offer additional peace of mind.

Home security shutters and gates can be used on any vulnerable window in your home, especially those that are remote, hidden from view, or in a poorly lit area. Also consider their use on basement, back door, garage windows and patio doors.  

For Example:- Cordula Window Security Shutters

Burglars do target vulnerable windows to make a forced entry into homes, which means they are increasingly important as part of your home security planning.

Cordula security shutters for exterior fitting are designed to achieve maximum protection at these most vulnerable entry points in your home.

They are made from tough, foam-filled, aluminium box slats, which are both lightweight and attractive and are easily lowered and secured to effectively prevent enforced entry.

These window security shutters offer additional benefits to give you total peace of mind and maximise convenience:-

  • No need for building alterations as installation is straight-forward and the shutters can be fully-automated and motorised for easy operation.
  • Can be tailored to fit any size door or window opening, to give you protection throughout your entire home.
  • You can choose a wall-mounted open-and-shut switch operation or a simple remote control.
  • A manual over-ride system can also be fitted for use in the event of a power failure.
  • As well as aiding burglar proofing, these home security shutters offer excellent heat insulation in the winter, keep your house cool in the summer and help prevent your carpet and furnishings fading.
  • They also provide excellent sound insulation, which is ideal if you live near a main road, railway line or busy thoroughfare.
  • In addition Cordula offer a range of security gates for doors.
  • You may choose from an excellent range of colours for your security shutters.
  • CE marking for your assurance of safety and quality.

 Do I need to have all of my windows and doors secured?

Security experts consider it a sufficient deterrent to have only the more vulnerable entry points protected. This usually means downstairs windows that are at risk, (the rear of the house is usually more vulnerable than the front, where intruders fear being seen forcing an entry).

You can start by installing as many home security shutters as you think necessary to meet your requirements and your budget. Extra window shutters and security gates can easily be added, at a time in the future suitable to you.

Home Security Gates

Cordula home security gates provide an excellent security solution for your home, either alone or in addition to security shutters:-

  • Made from rust-resistant steel, they are an effective visible deterrent and a strong defence against intruders.
  • The security gates are designed to be unobtrusive and compact when retracted, so they won’t spoil your room décor at all because they will fit neatly behind the curtains.
  • No need for building alterations as installation is straight-forward and is normally completed the same day.
  • A real advantage of the Cordula security gates is that you retain a clear view through the gates, even when closed so your room remains light and airy.
  • Can be tailored to fit any size door or window opening, to give you protection throughout your entire home.
  • When used for patio door openings, these security gates have a convenient fold-away floor track that hides it from view and leaves openings unobstructed when the gates are not in use.
  • The gates are manually-operated, making them quick and easy to use and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Supplied in a range of colours and styles to complement your home.

Which provides the best deterrent, Cordula window shutters or the home security gates?

Both home security shutter systems provide a robust, highly visible deterrent to intruders, but offer you different benefits.

The security gates are manually operated and have the advantage of allowing you to see the view through them, while keeping your home light and airy.

On the other hand, the home security shutters, are totally automated and deliver excellent heat and sound insulation.

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