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Home Security System Reviews – Equipment Tests & Reports

Home Security Suppliers occasionally offer me the opportunity to test and report on their new home security systems,burglar alarms and security cameras etc.

Therefore, I plan to do some Home Security Systems Reviews and I hope this will help my visitors, to make an informed choice of their own home security equipment.

Watch this space……..

Thursday 4th February 2010 

Home Security Camera Review – The Swann ADW 300 Security Camera System Can Detect and Record Intruders.

I was pleased to accept Swann Security’s offer to trial their new ADW 300 digital wireless security camera and receiver.

The camera was delivered on the day promised and the camera and other contents were securely packed and well protected. The camera, stand and all components were strong, smart and clearly of quality manufacture.

I found the operating instructions very clear with lots of illustrations to help understanding and enable a quick and easy set up of both the camera and receiver.

The interactive demos on the company’s website, also provided further useful information and illustrations about installation.

My Set-up of both camera and receiver was quickly achieved thanks to the plug and play technology, in around 2hrs:

I placed the camera high up in a corner of my lounge with a clear view of the door, and the receiver was connected to a TV and computer in my office on the first floor.

I discovered it was necessary to avoid including a window in the camera view, as the long range of the camera picks up motion outside and triggers the alarm. Reducing the sensitivity of the sensor (users can do this in set-up) would have the same effect, if windows can’t be kept out of the frame.

The receiver layout and functions, including how to pair the camera to a channel, were clearly presented and explained in the instructions.

Installing the software went smoothly with no problems and the camera view was soon displayed on my computer screen:

A simulated control-centre image of a good size 16cm x 16cm, is displayed, with very clear layout and function controls.

The operation instruction booklet illustrates the layout in detail and each function is fully explained in its own section.

Testing the system. All functions on the Receiver worked well including the menu and zoom with camera movements.

Software functions were easy to follow and the capture of video or pictures by scheduled times or motion only, could be quickly set up or changed. Don’t forget to save your settings!

A choice of video or snap shot pictures is available to suit your preference.

I preferred the high-resolution video images, which I found were extra clear and detailed in colour, for possible identification of an intruder.

The infra-red beam for night time produced good pictures during darkness, however if I were fitting this camera, I would also install a light activated by a motion sensor – again for ID purposes.

The events screen with time date worked well and the search facility by camera, time and mode, a real time saver.

I experienced no interference on the camera system from my wireless network or vice versa.

There is a useful trouble-shooting guide in the booklet with answers to the main problems one might experience.

Overall I must say I was impressed with the versatile Swann ADW 300 Security Camera System, which is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Visit the Swann Security website for more home security solutions.

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