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In-Car Security – A Real Cause for Concern

In-Car Security when driving has become a real cause for concern in recent years. This includes car jacking, a crime that is now prevalent in some areas, usually carried out by car thieves looking to steal expensive executive cars. They have been known to use violence to achieve their aims.

The following hints and tips should increase your in-car security and give you peace of mind while driving, especially at night.

  • Before a journey, make sure that your car is in good running order. Do not put yourself at risk by running out of oil, petrol or water.
  • Consider joining a breakdown organisation as added security.
  • To increase in-car security, always keep car doors locked when driving and stow bags and briefcases, mobile phones and valuables in the glove compartment or under a seat out of sight. Only wind windows down a little, thus preventing a thief reaching in while you are held up in traffic.
  • If you suspect that you are being followed by another vehicle, try to alert other drivers by flashing your lights and sounding your horn.
  • Before commencing your journey, advise people at your destination of your estimated time of arrival and your planned route. Make sure you have some cash and carry a spare can of petrol. A torch and a mobile phone are very useful in the event of a breakdown. Do not pick up hitch-hikers.
  • In the event of a breakdown, never cross a motorway to use a phone.
  • While parked on the hard shoulder, there is a high risk of your vehicle being involved in an accident there. When telephoning for assistance, keep a sharp lookout and don’t sit in the car, but stand on the embankment nearby. Lock yourself in the car if any person approaches you in a suspicious or threatening manner.


Car Jacking

Car jacking is a new criminal activity on roads in Britain. Although it is less common than is feared, when incidents do happen, they always receive detailed cover in the media.

The crime of car jacking involves thieves who target cars that are stationary at junctions, or while held up in traffic. They open doors and grab valuables such as briefcases or mobile phones from inside the car.

Another method thieves employ, is to intentionally drive into another vehicle while waiting in a traffic queue, in order to remove the driver from the vehicle and steal it.

Drivers are advised to be aware and remain alert to this possible threat, if involved in any kind of car accident, also to keep doors locked and windows rolled up even on short journeys.

If you are involved in an accident, stay in the car and let the other driver approach you. Wind your window down only partway to exchange details with the other driver.


Car Park Security

It is advisable to look for a Secured Car Park, failing that, park in a busy thoroughfare that is well lit. If using a multi-storey car park make sure it is well supervised; choose a well lit space in the open and close to an exit. On return to your vehicle have your keys ready and always check the back seat, to ensure no one is lurking there.

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