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The Interactive CLIQ 4U Locking System… Is A New Concept In Locking For Your Home.

There are times when a high security sophisticated locking system is required for your home, e.g. when you need to protect a valuable art or antiques collection. The following electromechanical lock could provide the solution:-

Mul-T-Lock’s Interactive CLIQ 4U Locking System is an innovative electromechanical locking system, which combines the reliability of mechanical keys and cylinders with the programming and flexibility of electronic locks. 

Reliable Mechanical Locking. Mul-T-Lock’s field-proven interactive locking system provides a high level of security. Each key is cut with an individual combination. The interactive keys incorporate two high precision floating pins that interact with spring-loaded pins in the cylinder plug, producing a “virtual combination” when the key is inserted into the lock.

The special construction of the key makes it virtually impossible to duplicate. The interactive patented key andkey blank provide increased control over key cutting, to achieve a higher level of customer security.

The CLIQ – Electronic Innovation. In addition to this unique mechanical locking system, Mul-T-Lock has integrated ASSA ABLOY’S latest CLIQ technology, based on miniaturised data encryption electronics that can be embedded directly inside the key and the core of a cylinder, which creates an electromechanical system that is intelligent, flexible and highly customisable.

The Interactive CLIQ key contains a unique electronic I.D.code, designated for each individual user only, that cannot be duplicated, altered or corrupted. A replaceable, long-life battery is also inserted into the key and serves as the only power source for the entire key and cylinder system.

An electronic mechanism embedded in the cylinder, is a self-contained unit, which means that no wiring whatsoever is required. Therefore the intelligent cylinder is installed just like any normal cylinder, so that locksmiths can easily fit it without having to reconstruct doors and wire entire buildings.

How Does It Work? It is a simple operation, as far as the user is concerned, Interactive CLIQ 4U operates like any other key cylinder system, since all the sophistication is built in:-

  • When you insert the key into the cylinder it sends an electronic “wake up” signal to the electronic component in the cylinder.
  • The cylinder then generates a random 64-bit number.
  • The key answers by transmitting an encrypted I.D. number – this whole process only takes a split second.
  • A log of the interaction – user, time, result etc. – is automatically stored in the cylinder’s memory should retrieval be required.
  • If there is a data match, the blocking mechanism is electronically released and you can turn the key. If the key is not authorised the mechanical element locking system will simply remain locked!

The Benefits Interactive CLIQ 4U offers the best of both worlds.

The dual technologies employed in this electromechanical lock represent a very successful and proven mix of electrical and mechanical locking systems, offering a double layer of high security where you need it most.

The cylinder lock contains an electronic I.D. code unique to you and designated for one individual only. It can’t be duplicated, altered or corrupted.

If keys are lost there is no need to purchase new cylinders – When your teenager loses a key or an employee leaves without returning theirs, you can cancel its code (making the key obsolete), through a simple procedure performed by you on site. A new key, with a new code, can then be generated, which will be recognised by the cylinder.

Long-life battery – A single replaceable battery is inserted into the key and provides the only power source required for the whole key and cylinder lock system.

Convenient and cost-effective – the dual-locking systems are wire free, simple to install, and easy to plan and use. You control the locking system; there is no need to visit the locksmith each and every time you want to make a change.

All Mul-T-Lock products comply with the toughest international standards, including ISO 9001/2000, UL, CEN, VDS, SKG, CPC and A2P.

The Mul-T-Lock Company was founded in 1973 and is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing High Security products for institutional, commercial, industrial and residential applications.

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