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Multi Point Locks…Mul-T-Lock’s New Break Secure Cylinder Increases Security Of Euro Profile Cylinder Locks.

UPVC Doors With Multi Point Locks

An experienced burglar can force a wooden door fitted with only one mortise lock in the centre of the door open in a matter of seconds.
However, a potential burglar faced with a multi point door lock, cannot tell where the door’s weak areas are, which makes his job 3 to 10 times more difficult and time consuming, so the burglar moves on in search of easier pickings.

Therefore the sight of a UPVC door on your home can act as an excellent visual deterrent, since burglars are well aware these doors are more secure than wooden ones and they are also fitted with multi point locks.

A Multi-point door lock secures the door from several points – ranging from a basic 3-point to the best possible 7 or 10 point.


A Serious New Threat. Millions of homes in the UK are at risk because of a design weakness in the Euro Profile Cylinder locks commonly used on UPVC doors.

The burglar’s have increasingly been employing a simple tool to smash the cylinder in the last two years. The cylinder controls sophisticated locking systems on double glazed doors.

Burglars are able to smash the cylinder and then remove it. 

The lock cylinder has now been identified by burglars as the ‘weak spot’ in modern doors and once this weakness has been overcome, it doesn’t matter how many locking points the door has (3, 5, 7 or 10), the burglar can open the door by simply pulling down the handle.

Mul-T-lock is one of the first companies to develop a cylinder that can withstand this worrying new home security problem, to help you keep your home one step ahead of the burglars.

The new cylinder is designed to snap cleanly when attacked, but it still remains within the lock to prevent the door being opened.

Mul-T-Lock’s Euro Break Secure Cylinders are Now Available 

The new Mul-T-Lock high security bolt-through escutcheons have been specially designed to increase the level of security currently provided by Euro Profile Cylinders.

These high performance security escutcheons have been developed for wooden or steel doors, but are also suitable for most euro profile lock case applications.


  • Designed to fit most euro lock cases with bolt through fixing (38mm).
  • 3 attractive high quality all weather finishes, Chrome plated, Electro Brass, Nickel Satin.
  • Designed to fit a variety of door widths.
  • Hardened steel anti drill rotating disk.
  • Anti pull protection.
  • Anti twist feature.
  • Large diameter footprint – 54mm.
  • M5 bolt through.
  • Attractive design and easy to fit.

Mul-T-Lock also markets a range of multi-point door locks that mortise into the core of wood or metal doors, as well as several external surface-mounted types:-

  • 4-Way Locks – provide heavy-duty, multi-bolt locking and latch functionality.
  • Lock 700 – features a three-way rim lock with latch functionality for doors.
  • Lock 500 – features a versatile, heavy-duty rim lock suitable for horizontal and vertical installations, which can be installed on various types of doors, windows and shutters.

Mul-T-Lock Classic System High Security.

Mul-T-Lock high security cylinders have a unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism with internal and external pins. Both the internal and the external shear lines must be aligned simultaneously in order for the plug to rotate.

Their patented plug has a unique structure. When the top and bottom pins, plug and body meet, a three-dimensional shear line is formed to an almost perfect spherical shape. Steel inserts ensure anti-drilling resistance.

These features provide an added security dimension and make the Mul-T-Lock cylinder pick and drill resistant for high security needs. When Master Keyed, additional side pins or back pins can be built in.

Mul-T-Lock products meet US, EU and other major global standards, including UL, CEN, VOS, SKG, CPC and A2P.

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