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BT Homesafe Broadband Alarm Protects And Monitors Your Home.

BT, the UK’s largest supplier of Broadband, has been working with Internet monitoring and control specialist Intamac Systems to develop BT Homesafe, a new online alarm  with IP security and CCTV capability that customers can self install in their homes with ease.

The system provides people and their property with new levels of protection using broadband connectivity at an affordable price.

The BT Homesafe system differs from others currently on the market, in that it is the only self-install security system for the home to work over your broadband connection, which means there are no call charges when the system communicates with the monitoring service, and you can control and manage your system from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

You can also connect up to four wireless IP cameras to your BT alarm call system, to provide real-time surveillance of your premises, as well as automatically capture images should an event occur. These images are stored can be viewed from your personal BT Homesafe online alarm account and can also be sent to your mobile phone.

This BT home alarm system does much more than a traditional wireless alarm system – as well as protecting you against burglary, it reports on fire, power failure, and flooding, and there is a ‘panic’ function to enable you to summon help at the push of a button.

To ensure ultimate reliability, the house alarm system will automatically switch over to use your normal telephone line as an alternative back-up communications path, in case the broadband connection is unavailable.

Features Benefits of the BT Homesafe House Alarm System include:

  • Control your home security – Notification by Voice Call, Text Message and E-mail to alert you or designated respondents to a problem, when you are away.
  • Increase your personal safety – panic alarm facility automatically messages all of your contacts if you feel vulnerable, without making your presence known by making a phone call.
  • Check whether your children have got home safely from school by viewing alarm sets/unsets in your personal account online.
  • Save time, travel and worry – check whether your alarm is switched on or off, via the web-portal from any internet enabled device.
  • Self maintaining and reporting – rest assured your alarm system is working, and that it will tell you when the batteries are running low, or the power is lost to the house.
  • Cost effective – uses broadband to send data, so no call charges, and a low-cost monthly subscription for all voice, sms and email alert messaging.
  • Optional upgrade services, to improve your personal safety and security are available at the click of a button, including manned guard response to alarm events.
  • One of the key benefits of this BT alarm call system is that its self diagnosing and maintaining, and will automatically notify you as soon as the batteries require replacing.

The full BT Homesafe product range consists of – Movement detectors (pet-smart infra-red), Smoke Detectors (optical chamber), Magnetic contact(door/window sensors), Water and C02 Sensors, External Working Siren or Dummy siren and Panic Buttons.

What you will need:

  • Broadband Internet Connection (any provider).
  • Telephone Line.
  • Broadband Router with an available Ethernet port.

call, sms text message and e-mail notifications from the monitoring service. Camera monitoring costs an additional £2.50 per month for up to four suitable IP cameras.

There are no additional or hidden costs, and there is no fixed-term contract.

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