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Outdoor Security Lighting… Provides an Efficient Security Solution for Your Home.

Outdoor Security Lighting- can provide security, safety and add an attractive feature to your home.

Would be intruders can be put off, even if your security system consists of just floodlights, that are activated whenever movement is detected within your grounds.

Outside Security Lighting illuminates dark spots and shadows around the home, reducing hiding places for intruders.

Preset automatic timers and remote controls- now make outdoor security lights very convenient for the homeowner.Remote controls allow you to operate the lights from inside or outside, or while away from home by computer.

Home security lighting activated by sensors- can also be extremely beneficial to your own personal safety and convenience. When returning home at night, or taking a stroll outside your home after dark, automatic lights can improve both your safety and comfort.

Motion sensor lights can be installed anywhere outside your home, including your shed and garage. Your drive can be illuminated as soon as your car approaches. They sense motion within a radius of about 8-10 metres and around 100° angle of detection.

With quality sensors that only react to the body heat of humans, combined with home security lights, you can allow pets to roam in the garden without setting off your alarm system.

Outdoor Security Lighting UK Products

There is a good choice of outdoor security lighting – UK and American companies supply a range at reasonable prices, including porch/bulkhead lights and tungsten halogen floodlights, in designs that are purely functional or decorative.
They can be activated by passive infra red movement detectors or body heat sensors, within a range of 8-10 metres and around 100* sensing angle.

Most types are supplied in either low or normal household voltage versions. For home use, low-voltage systems have several advantages, since low-voltage equipment is easier to install and available as DIY kits.
The entire system can be connected by a transformer to a normal household circuit and runs on a harmless low voltage current. The lightweight wiring can be laid on the ground or buried just below the surface.

The higher voltage system runs on the same power that supplies your home and requires the same precautions and professional installation that is required for normal house wiring.

Some systems have a CCTV camera integrated, so that when activated the incident can be viewed on your TV, or recorded to a video recorder.
Lights should be fitted out of easy reach, at a height of at least 2.5 metres (eight feet).

Solar outdoor security lights- provide an energy efficient option, by storing sunlight energy using a photoelectric panel, to charge a battery during the day and provide electric light in the evening.

Lighting and PIR Use – Hints and Tips The Institute of Lighting Engineers provide a guide to Outdoor Security Lighting UK, which outlines the pros and cons of both PIR halogen lighting and dusk-to-dawn low wattage lighting. They also offer advice on how to fit a PIR light, to avoid some of the problems.

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