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Robust Padlock Security…Protects Outbuildings, Like Your Garden Shed Or Garage.

Padlock Security of Outbuildings

When assessing the security of your home don’t forget that your outbuildings need protection as well, such as your garden shed or storeroom, a detached garage, or a workshop.

Homeowners in the UK now use their garages to store thousands of pounds worth of contents, making them easy targets for opportunistic thieves.

Garden sheds also contain valuable items that would prove attractive to intruders, such as lawnmowers or bicycles etc.

However, they are also used to store tools that would be useful to the burglar. Therefore it is very important that these outbuildings are always secure.

When selecting padlocks make sure they are appropriate in size, strength, security and corrosion rating for your application.

Padlock Security There is a wide range of padlocks available to suit a variety of applications and they are available in two basic designs, open shackle and close shackle.

Open shackle padlocks are the ordinary design in which the looped shackle is exposed.

Close shackle padlocks have protected shackles, which makes them less vulnerable to be overcome by cutting or sawing.

For Example:- The Chubb range of padlocks offers excellent protection for a wide range of outbuilding applications.

The Conquest Range of High Security Padlocks and Pad Bars are designed to exceed the performance standards for padlocks as stipulated in the European CEN approvals. This range of padlocks incorporates cases made of hardened manganese steel and the locking mechanisms are protected against drilling. All of the shackles are resistant to a cutting or saw attack.

  • IK12This extra high security close shackle padlock offers outstanding protection against drill, force, torque and saw attack. Available in a choice of two locking systems – 6 pin or Ava 10 disc.
  • IK13The same high security performance and operation as the 1K12, but with extra high shoulders to offer added protection against crop attack.
  • IK57A very robust concealed shackle padlock with an internal aperture, which clasps the staple of the pad bar. The toughened shackle slides through the staple hold and is completely concealed from the outside making direct attack impossible. Available in a choice of two locking systems – 6 pin, or Ava 10 disc.

Pad Bars (also known as hasps and staples). It is pointless having a strong quality padlock if the pad bar to which it is shackled is easily levered off, or if the door to which it is fixed is rotten or in need of repair.

So the effectiveness of the padlock is not only dependent upon the complexity of its locking mechanism, but also on the quality and secure fixing of its pad bar.

If possible select one offering concealed secure fixings or recessed bolts, as these give added protection against being forced.

For Example:- Again there are a number of different types and designs in the Chubb pad bar range, which are suitable for many different applications.

  • 7B020 Designed for use with the Conquest range of padlocks but suitable for general use, this pad bar incorporates a unique casing resistant to drill and forced attack. The rotating staple accommodates both vertical and horizontal shackle padlocks and makes forcing by torque attack almost impossible.
  • 7009A versatile pad bar with hardened steel staple which is bolted directly to the door. Suitable for both single and double door applications.
  • 7007 Similar to the 7009 except that the fixing plate of the padbar is configured horizontally rather than vertically.

Many other quality lock manufacturers, such as Yale and Squire, also supply ranges of approved padlocks and pad bars, designed for high security performance and by shopping around you are sure to find the ideal security padlocks and pad bars for your outbuldings.

It is also a good idea to ensure that your household insurance policy covers theft from your garden and outbuildings.

If you require further advice concerning security locks for your outbuildings, contact your local member of the Master Locksmiths Association, or Police Crime Reduction Officer.

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