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Biometric Finger Print Door Locks… Cutting Edge Biometric Technology.

Biometric Finger Print Door Locks

Due to recent developments in biometric technology, a range of products offering real high security solutions have now been developed.

Finger Print Biometrics is becoming widely used by large organizations and individuals, who are now benefiting from the security and convenience these products offer. For Example:-

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Spy Cameras, Use Them at Home for Internal or External Observation.

Spy Cameras are increasingly popular for use in the home, for internal or external surveillance to protect your property from intruders and vandals; or to check on your baby sitter, nanny or cleaner while you are out; or even when you are ON the premises, monitored from your TV.

As the name implies the spy camera is very small and hidden to catch offenders unaware, also to protect the camera from vandalism.

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Smoke Alarms UK… Simply Alert You to the Danger of Fire.

Smoke Alarms UK

Smoke alarms simply alert you to the danger of fire; you’re twice as likely to die in a fire at home if you don’t have at least one.

The Fire Brigade and Home Office post-fire reports, show that 40% of smoke alarms in the home did not work due to flat or missing batteries.
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Home Automation Harmony… PC Based Total Home Control.

A PC Based Home Control system – Home Automation Harmony.

This article assumes that after careful thought, you have chosen a PC Based home control system and are now looking for the most efficient and powerful home control to suit your requirements.

Research for my articles on Home Automation has revealed some excellent products from respected companies, which fall into the PC Based category and I am providing a details of one here, to be followed by others in future linked pages.

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Home Alarm Systems…An Average Specification For a Monitored System.

What is the average specification for home alarm systems (monitored)? 

A Standard Specification
To supply, fit and commission home alarm systems UK to the Industry Standards of BS 4737, and DD243 and the configuration is usually comprised of:-

Master Control Panel
The control console is the brain of the home security system, which regularly checks the alarm apparatus. When a detector is activated it operates the alert. It is usually hidden away below the stairs or in a cupboard.

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Child Safety…A Very Comprehensive, Useful Action List for Parents and Carers.

Child Safety

Statistics show that every year over 1 million children in the UK under the age of 15 are involved in accidents in the home for which they require hospital treatment. Many more are treated by their GPs, parents and carers.

Accidents are the commonest cause of death in children over one year old and every year thousands suffer permanent disability or disfigurement.

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BT Redcare Uniquely Guarantees to Deliver, Alarm Activations to the Alarm-Receiving Centre.

BT Redcare UK is the acknowledged leader in remotely monitored alarm technology.

It is the only system to be listed and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and has attained “Police Preferred Specification” and also the Home Office backed “Secured by Design” award.

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The PowerMax+ System Provides For A Secure, Managed And Interactive Home.

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The Pixord 200 IP Security Camera…Enables Viewing Of Video Over A Network And The Internet.

IP Security Cameras enable you to view video over a network and the Internet.

They can either be connected to PCs and Network Video Recorders locally, to view and record cameras on a LAN, orthe video can be monitored and recorded remotely at multiple locations, using a wide range of network configurations including the Internet.

IP cameras are increasingly popular due to their ease of installation, flexibility, and the low cost of ownership. They also provide functions, which are not available in analogue cameras.

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The BT Trackit VehicleTracking System… Pin-points The Exact Location Of Your Vehicle.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System – BT Trackit

Your car is likely to be one of your largest investments and no doubt you wish to do all you can, to prevent it being taken away by thieves or joy-riders and in that event ensure its safe return.

Modern cars are now more difficult to steal, due to the advent of new technology available for vehicle security.However the car thief’s latest ploy is to steal the car owner’s keys in order to overcome the vehicle security, or forcibly take over your vehicle by means of ‘car-jacking’.

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