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Wireless Alarm Systems… the Latest Technology Offers New Solutions for Home Security.

Wireless Alarm Systems are the latest technology and open up new solutions for home security alarms, where wired systems would be complicated to set up or unsuitable.

During the past five years, wireless alarm systems have proved to be increasingly popular with professional installers and consumers, as they have become aware of the various applications and advantages this type of system can offer, compared to the wired equivalent.

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How to Use Fire Extinguishers UK. Find Out How to Use Them…Now.

It is important to know how to use fire extinguishers. Although there are many different types, all of them operate in a similar manner. Don’t wait for a fire to occur before reading the instructions – that’s too late!

Also practice how to use fire extinguishers, by holding the equipment and then go through the motions of using it.   … Continue Reading

The Burton Torino Gold Domestic Safe, Is Rated Best In It’s Class For Security And Value.

Domestic Safes

There is a wide choice of sizes within cash rated and fire resistant domestic safes at prices to suit all budgets.

A recent article in Which? Magazine rated the Burton Torino Gold 3000 best for security and value, when compared to other high security safes in the same class.  … Continue Reading

Latest Security Camera Monitoring Solutions from Swann Security

Swann Security a leader in security and camera monitoring solutions, has announced the latest additions to its security camera range.  … Continue Reading

Home Wireless Network – Z-Wave… Takes Automated Home Control To Entirely New Levels.

What Is Z-Wave? 

Home Wireless Network Z-Wave – is a standard of radio frequency communication between home automation devices. When two or more Z-Wave compatible devices are in range of each other, they set up a ‘mesh network’ meaning that they can communicate with each other. If any two devices are out of range of each other, the signal will be re routed via other devices in the network. The sending device will also request confirmation of delivery from the receiving one and resend it if not confirmed by return.   … Continue Reading

Home Security Devices…are Effective Against Distraction Burglary.

Home Security Devices

Tell me about home security products, which will be effective against distraction burglary and other types of house breaking.

Here is a selection of basic home security devices: –

Door Chain Permits you to check the identity of callers, without opening the door fully. Use the door security chain only when answering the door, don’t leave it on all the time, so that emergency services can gain access if necessary. For extra strength some door chains incorporate a security bolt.   … Continue Reading

ADT Alarms…Is the Largest Provider of Monitored Security Systems in the UK.

ADT Alarms is the leading supplier of electronic fire and security solutions and also the largest provider of monitored security systems in the UK. They protect 89 out of the UK’s top 100 companies and over 120,000 homes.

Over 7.8 million clients worldwide rely upon ADT security monitoring systems. ADT is an NSI (The National Standards Inspectorate) approved Gold Standard security systems installer.  … Continue Reading

Powerlink Is a Highly Secure, Easy-to-use, Remote Visual Control System.

 The Visonic PowerLink CCTV Security System just launched, provides an impressive level of home security and control for the homeowner. It is an Internet based system, which extends the capabilities of PowerMax+ to create a fully integrated, highly secure, and easy-to-use, remote video surveillance and control system.

PowerLink Home Video surveillance provides security and peace of mind. Not only can it give users remote control over their home environment e.g. security, air conditioning, appliances and lighting, but also enables them keep an eye on their property and family, mobile on the road, the office, or on vacation- via the Internet from anywhere in the world.  … Continue Reading



Jun 23, 2011

BT Homesafe Online Alarm – Protects And Monitors Your Home Via Broadband.

BT Homesafe Online Alarm combines with Broadband to protect your home and reports alerts to you on activation.

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The EyeSpy247 IP Surveillance System Means You Can Stop Worrying and Start Seeing

The EyeSpy247PTZ is a high quality,IP surveillance system camera. Unlike a Webcam you don’t need to connect it to a PC to function, or require any special viewing software and it’s Windows, Mac and Linux friendly.  … Continue Reading