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Cordula Home Security Shutters And Gates… Provide Extra Protection For Your Home.

Home Security Shutters

Many people are now installing home security bars gates and grills to provide a secondary deterrent and protection against intruders, because they offer additional peace of mind.

Home security shutters and gates can be used on any vulnerable window in your home, especially those that are remote, hidden from view, or in a poorly lit area. Also consider their use on basement, back door, garage windows and patio doors.   … Continue Reading

The Cardio Home Automation System…Is a Highly Flexible, User-Friendly Home Control System.

Standalone Home Automation System

Research for my articles on Home Automation revealed some excellent products from respected companies, which fall into the standalone category, here is another hard wired standalone system worthy of your consideration:-

The Cardio Home Automation System Designed and produced in 1992 by Secant, a Canadian company in and introduced to the European market five years ago.Cardio home automation was developed for the smart home market and efficiently controls home security, lighting, heating, air conditioning, home entertainment and appliances, in fact this home control system will cope with almost any function you desire within your budget.  … Continue Reading

The Supermule Security Device…Could Prevent Your Caravan Being Towed Away By Thieves.

Caravan Security Device

Your caravan and its contents are very valuable and a prime target for thieves, so it is becoming increasingly important that you make it as secure as it can be and also provide you with peace of mind.

Since around 3000 caravans are stolen annually in the UK, Insurance Companies usually offer discounts in premiums, to encourage owners to improve their caravan security.   … Continue Reading

The Lisa Home Monitor System…Provides A Convenient Solution For The Care Of The Elderly.

Personal Security Systems

Lusora Limited is a leader in the development of wireless personal security systems and monitoring products, such as smart sensors for security, surveillance and home health care applications. They have now launched LISA, which is a personal health monitoring system.

The LISA Home Monitor System (Lusora Intelligent Sensory Architecture) Carers often find themselves at odds with the people they look after, due to conflicting needs and challenges.  … Continue Reading

Fire Alarms…There are Several Options for Home Fire Alarm Protection.

Fire Alarms

Fire Safety Statistics -There is a domestic fire every 8 minutes in the UK.Deaths and Injuries – 3 out of 4 fire deaths occur in homes. There were 562 deaths in 2002, which represents a 7% decrease on the 606 recorded in 2001. 25% of all people killed in home fires were asleep at the time.

There are several options for home fire alarm protection, depending on the requirements of your premises, how you view the risks of fire and your concern to protect your home and family.   … Continue Reading

The Sony-SNC-CS3N IP Network Camera…Is A High Quality And Affordable Network Camera.

IP Network Camera Sony-SNC-CS3N

The Sony SNC-CS3N, fixed IP network camera is the latest addition to the company’s growing range of network cameras, which are well suited for surveillance, remote monitoring and web casting.

The camera has been designed specifically to meet the demand for a high-quality and affordable network camera, which combines high performance with other valuable features, such as choice of lenses and built-in motion detection in a compact package.  … Continue Reading

The Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera UK… Linksys Latest Home Monitoring Device.

The Linksys Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera

Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems, the leading manufacturer of voice, wireless and networking equipment, announced its latest monitoring device, the new Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera (WVC54GC-UK), at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show on 4th January 2006.

This home Internet security camera enables users to monitor their home or office via a web browser, from anywhere in the world.   … Continue Reading

The BPT Supagate Access Control Security System… Provides Ideal Entry Control For Larger Residential Premises.

Access Control Security/SupaGate Kits

The SupaGate kits are the latest addition to the range of high quality, cost-effective Impro access control systems from BPT Security Systems (UK).

These access control kits provide ideal entry security for large residential premises or small commercial premises.   … Continue Reading

Motorbike Security… Don’t be a Victim.! Motorbike Security will Protect your Precious Machine.

Be aware of the risk of thieves targeting your valuable investment, by installing motorbike security that will deter, hamper and beat the criminal. Yes, motorcycle theft could happen to you. So the following motorbike security advice could help to protect your precious machine.

Motorcycle Security Products Do not rely upon the ignition or steering lock fitted to the machine as standard, which are quite easy to overcome. Use other motorcycle security products such as a brake disc lock, a good lock and chain, or an approved alarm and immobiliser system.  … Continue Reading

Home Security Locks – Protect Your Home From Lock Bumping Burglary

The bump key is the latest threat to some home security locks such as conventional cylinder locks; a new lock-picking technique called “bumping,” is quickly gaining popularity with criminals using simple tools and resources available on the Internet. 

Using a bump key it will take only 1 minute or less for an intruder to turn the lock and overcome the home security doors to your house or business.  … Continue Reading