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BSIA…Ensures That It’s Members Provide The Highest Standards of Service.

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Is the professional trade association for the security industry in the UK. Its purpose is to ensure that it’s members provide the highest possible standard of products and service to their customers and achieve success in an ever-changing and very competitive business.

The BSIA UK Members supply more than 70% of security business in the UK, which includes alarm manufacture, distribution and installation, CCTV, physical security, access control, manned security, information destruction and cash-in-transit.  … Continue Reading

Zigbee Wireless Network Sensors…Offer Automated Control Of Multiple Home Systems.

ZigBee Wireless Network Sensors

ZigBee is a new mesh-networking standard that allows a variety of low-power devices to communicate over an unregulated portion of the radio spectrum. It joins the crowded field of wireless technology that already includes cell-phones, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and others.

However, unlike those other standards, ZigBee can run for years on inexpensive batteries, eliminating the need to be plugged into mains electrical power, thus it will prove to be very useful in areas such as energy conservation, home automation and agriculture.   … Continue Reading

Dummy Cameras…Are an Inexpensive Way To Deter Intruders and Vandals.

Dummy Cameras UK

Dummy security cameras are easy to install and provide an inexpensive way to deter intruders and vandalism.

There are 3 Standard Categories of Dummy CCTV Cameras UK. 

Personal Alarms…Can Help You Feel More Confident, Safe and Secure.

Personal Alarms

Street crime is increasing in large cities and also becoming more prevalent in rural areas. Detailed media coverage of incidents, increases fear in the population that it may happen to them.

However the probability of being attacked in our everyday lives is much lower than you might think. Personal alarms can help you to feel more confident, safe and secure.  … Continue Reading

The Mortice Lock System…London Line, Aims To Provide The Ultimate In Secure Locking Systems.

Latest Mortice Lock Systems People are more concerned about securing their homes than ever before, leading to an increased demand for reliable quality locking systems:-

The London Line – Night Latch and Hook Bolt Mortice Lock System. The leading security manufacturer, Ingersoll (part of the Chubb Locks division of ASSA ABLOY UK), have produced a new high-end range of locks called London Line, which aims to provide the ultimate in easy access locking systems and to fully satisfy the requirements of BS3621: 2004 AND BS8300:2002 for safety and access compliance, when fitted with a cylinder from the Mul-T-Lock range.  … Continue Reading

Identity Theft… How to Deal with this New Crime.

Many people are worried about the dramatic increase in Identity Theft and according to recent research we just don’t know how to deal with this new crime.

Identity theft means that another person, without your knowledge is using your personal information. Your identity and personal information are valuable assets. Take action to keep them secure.   … Continue Reading

Swimming Pool Safety…An Alarm Can Provide That Extra Protection For Your Loved Ones.

Swimming Pool Safety Vigilance is the best way to prevent a child from drowning, but it is difficult to be vigilant 100% of the time and even the best parents sometimes take their eyes off their children just for a minute or two. Most pool accidents happen without any warning in less than five minutes; the amount of time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Do I need a swimming pool safety alarm?

The Facts:-Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury related deaths among children under 14 years in the UK, with most of the victims being under 5 years old.  … Continue Reading

CCTV Home Security Is A Most Effective Deterrent Against Thieves

It’s a fact that a home security camera system, is one of the most effective ways to deter crime and assist in the arrest of many types of offenders, whether it be theft, vanadalism, harrasement, unathorised access and more.  … Continue Reading

The Swann Security Camera System Can Efficiently Monitor Your Home

Swann Security, a global leader in Security Camera Systems has announced their latest innovation:

The USB 2.0 DVR Guardian™ is a compact, portable Home Security Monitoring Solution that turns any PC or laptop, into an advanced surveillance system, capable of monitoring home, office or retail space.

The system is easily installed by simply plugging it directly into the computer’s USB port. The DVR supports up to four channels, so the user can choose to display and record live video from one to four cameras.  … Continue Reading

The Voice-garde Personal Safety Alarm… Takes Personal Safety And Protection To A New Level.

The Voice-garde Personal Safety Alarm

The Louth-based company, Com-Care Security Product Ltd. has taken personal safety and protection to a new level with the introduction of their new Voice-garde Personal Safety Alarm product.

The Voice-garde™ personal safety alarm is a pendant worn around the neck, which when combined with its Home Unit, is the only personal emergency response system to incorporate both a sensitive microphone and loudspeaker, thus enabling users hands-free, two-way communication.  … Continue Reading