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Digital Storage…For Smaller Installations Requiring A High Quality Cost Effective Solution.

New Digital Storage Recorder

Digital Video Recorders represent the new standard in video surveillance recording. An internal hard disk is used for digital storage and provides high quality pictures; complete playback control; extensive network capability and a low maintenance requirement.

Vista,(Norbain SD Ltd) The leading UK manufacturer of electronic security equipment, has just launched Vista Quantum, a new series of ‘Lite’ Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) for smaller installations, requiring a high quality, cost effective digital surveillance solution.  … Continue Reading

The Locca Sure-Touch Access Control… Enables You to Enter Your Property At The Touch Of A Button.

Access control systems are becoming increasingly popular as home security devices and are especially useful for elderly or disabled people, providing both security and peace of mind.

The Locca Sure-Touch (Locca Tech Ltd.) Was designed in the UK as the next generation in access security products, enabling the user to enter their property at the touch of a button. The Locca Sure Touch is a high quality system, simple to install requiring no training or electrical expertise.   … Continue Reading

IP Camera…Veo Wireless Observer Keep An Eye On Your Home Without Wires.

Here is another fine example of a network IP camera UK: –

The Veo Wireless Observer IP Camera.

To increase the safety and security of your home, just connect the Veo Wireless Observer direct to your network, which will enable you to keep a watchful eye on your home and loved ones when you’re not there.

By simply accessing the Internet and logging on to your camera’s onboard home page, you can view, hear and control the camera over the Internet or from anywhere on your network.  … Continue Reading

The MicroLink dLAN Highspeed HomePlug… The Easiest Broadband And Network Extension.

What is HomePlug and What are The Advantages?

HomePlug 1.0 is the specification for a technology that connects devices to each other through the power lines in a home.

HomePlug certified products connect PCs and other devices that use Ethernet, USB and 802.11 and Wi-Fi technologies to the powerline via a “bridge” or “adapter”. Some products, such as connected audio players, even have HomePlug technology built-in.  … Continue Reading

The Lukwerks Digital Video Surveillance System… Provides Professional Quality Security Surveillance.

The LukWerks Digital Video Surveillance System.

The WiLife Company was formed in 2002 to develop technology and systems to enable widespread consumer use of digital video surveillance, thus allowing customers to monitor their businesses and homes through intelligent cameras, powerful software with mobile anywhere and anytime access.

They have now produced the LukWerks Digital Video Surveillance System, which is claimed to be the first professional-quality, easy-to-set up and easy-to-use home surveillance system, designed to fit the requirements of homes and small businesses.   … Continue Reading

CCTV Digital Systems… Provide Security via High Resolution Pictures in Real Time.

CCTV Digital Systems use powerful modern PC technology to digitise camera images, compress and store them on a PC’s hard disk drive. Which means you can record a substantial amount of CCTV footage, providing images of high resolution in real time and access the pictures very easily and quickly.

Until recently most home security colour cameras have been of the analogue type, providing good quality images at an economical price. Computer chips have now replaced the integrated circuits in the camera head, so that manufacturers can now offer greatly improved products.  … Continue Reading

Biometric Finger Print Access Control Systems… Easy and Secure Control of Access to Apartment Buildings etc.

Biometric Finger Print Access Control Systems

Finger print recognition is now one of the safest and most secure methods of access control. Passwords and PIN numbers can be forgotten and keys and swipe cards can easily be lost or stolen.

You can now use state of the art finger print biometrics technology, to control access to apartment buildings, office buildings, factories, leisure clubs etc.   … Continue Reading

X10 Modules and Switches…Automate Different Devices – From Basic Lamp Units To Household Appliances.

X10 Modules With X10 Home Automation Modules you can control almost any light or appliance in your home by remote control. From lamps and stereo systems to sprinkler systems and garage door openers, it’s all possible with X10 Modules.

Various manufacturers supply a wide range of X10 modules to automate different devices, from control of basic lamp units to more specialised types that control appliances.  … Continue Reading

The CCTV system UK Harmony VART…Integrates Your CCTV system with your Home Automation Harmony Server.

The CCTV System UK Harmony VART

The CCTV System UK Harmony VART – Integrates your CCTV system with the Home Automation-Harmony Server(HAS), thus triggering events in your home, e.g. if motion is detected, lights will be switched on in your home and a mobile phone text alert will be sent to you.

The CCTV System UK Harmony VART (Harmony Vision Alert Real Time) is a PC based CCTV Surveillance system that allows up to 4 CCTV cameras to be connected, enabling you to view and record real time video from each camera.   … Continue Reading

The i-Catcher Console, CCTV Surveillance System Offers A Broad Range Of Home Security Video Management Solutions.

The CCTV Surveillance System i-Catcher

The CCTV Surveillance System i-Catcher Console developed in the UK by iCode Systems Ltd, provides efficient video management software for IP and other cameras.

The Console provides a universal video management solution, supplying interfaces to many video camera manufacturers, which enables system installers the freedom to choose the camera most suited for any given application, whilst providing one common management facility.  … Continue Reading