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Wireless Security Cameras….Have Proved to be an Ideal Solution For The Protection of Homes and Families.

Security is one of the most important concerns in our every day lives.

Wireless security camera systems have proved to be the solution for millions of people, determined to protect their homes and families from burglary, theft and vandalism. A wireless security camera can do what we can’t, by keeping a watchful eye on our homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and recording any disturbing occurrence.  … Continue Reading

Security Software – HomeSeer… Is An Advanced Home Automation Package.

Security Software UK – HomeSeer

HomeSeer is a keenly priced, advanced home automation and remote access software package, that works with inexpensive wireless Z-Wave devices, as well as conventional power line based X-10 devices.

Security software – HomeSeer is designed to control home security, appliances, lighting, HVAC and home theatre and e-mail, all from one unified interface, using your Windows compatible computer.   … Continue Reading

The LCD Flat Panel Monitor…Bosch MON170CL 17″ Colour Monitor Is Ideal For CCTV Security Solutions.

Bosch Security Systems have recently introduced two exciting new LCD flat panel monitors – the 15-inch MON150CL and the 17-inch MON170CL. These LCD colour monitors are a good choice for large-screen, space-limited applications due to their slim design.

The Bosch MON170CL 17-inch Colour LCD Flat Panel Monitor Is a high resolution, high performance liquid crystal display (LCD) video display monitor, designed for the CCTV security market.  … Continue Reading

The Home Automation Control -Homeseer PRO-100…Provides A Single User Interface For Your Home.

Homeseer Home Automation Control PRO-100

HomeSeer Pro is a series of professional grade products targeted for use by custom installers.

The PRO-100 was designed to be the most reliable home automation controller available and controls lighting, appliances, security, HVAC and home theatre products from many different suppliers, using only one central interface.  … Continue Reading

CCTV Security Systems… Act as a deterrent against would be thieves.

CCTV Security Systems UK

Due to the current level of crime, people are anxious to keep their family and property safe and secure from intruders.

A simple home CCTV security system can markedly reduce the risk of crime against your home and family. It will not stop theft or burglary, however it will act as a deterrent for any would be thieves, making them move on to easier pickings.   … Continue Reading

The Codelock 5000 Electronic Door Lock… Uses Reliable, Solid State Piezo Technology.

Why Use an Electronic Door Lock?

Why Use an Electronic Door Lock?Because these locks offer efficient control of a door with the added convenience of not carrying keys or having to find them!

Whether you are looking for a combination electronic lock, push button or digital lock, there are many applications where these versatile keyless door locks can be used. … Continue Reading

The Web Cam Software/Incontrol…Offers A Complete Control Solution For Home Security.

The Incontrol Web Cam Edition from Digital-Cybermasters DCM

The Incontrol Web Cam Edition from Digital-Cybermasters DCM Intelligent Web Cam Security Software offers a complete control solution for home security, including remote video surveillance and broadcasting. It monitors your home 24 hours a day, captures motion events with audio, saves them into compressed video clips and triggers various alerts, including ftp upload or e-mail.  … Continue Reading

The Touch Screen Controller-Harmony…Allows Centralised Home Control.

The Full Colour X10 Touch Screen Controller Harmony

New from iDomus, this touch screen controller Harmony has been specifically designed to interface with the Harmony Home Automation Server system, offering a very stylish and flexible addition to their range of home automation solutions.  … Continue Reading

Setting Up A Home Network…Planning For Home Automation, Is An Opportunity To Enjoy Being Creative With The Latest Technology.

Planning & Design for Home Automation

Setting up a home network and planning for home automation, is an opportunity to have fun and enjoy being creative with the latest technology and your options are virtually unlimited, the challenge is deciding just where to start.The various systems available can be quite simple, or be developed into a highly sophisticated network for Home Automation and Control.

Now is the time to take advantage of this 21st century’s home automation technology, to provide you with the latest time saving devices, security protection and all the benefits, which your automated ‘smart’ house can provide, namely, comfort, total security and entertainment, making the home more user friendly for the whole family, by setting up a home network.  … Continue Reading

Making the Right Choice Of Home Security Colour Cameras.

I am concerned to make the right choice, considering the extensive range of home security colour cameras now available.

This very much depends on the requirements of the site for your project, internal or external use, range of the area to be covered, daylight only or to include infrared and night vision, visible as a deterrent or hidden, hard wired or wireless, etc.

First of all, let me provide you with a basic understanding of modern CCTV colour cameras.  … Continue Reading