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The Top 10 Tips for Installing DIY Wireless Burglar Alarms.

Hints and Tips for Installing DIY Wireless Burglar Alarms/Wirefree Systems ( Courtesy of FM Electronics Limited ) 

When installing a DIY wireless burglar alarm or system, in addition to reading the instructions supplied for each piece of equipment, here are my top 10 tips for a successful installation.

1. Always check the signal strength and background noise levels from the proposed locations of all devices, before you mount any device onto its intended location. If a signal strength measurement is not available, at least do a few tests to ensure that alarm signals are received at the control panel before you mount any devices.

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Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers For… Fires Involving Flammable Liquids or Gases.

Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers UK – Colour Blue – Class A, B & C fires.

Standard or Multi-Purpose Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are safe to use on most kinds of fire, (Class A, B & C).E.g. Fires caused by petrol, oil, fat, paint, solvents, grease, propane, butane and natural gas, as well as electrical equipment.

The effect of the powder is to “knock down” the flames and it is best for fires involving flammable liquids or gases. Standard powders work well only on burning liquids, however the multi-purpose type is more effective on other types of fire, especially on burning solids.   … Continue Reading

Is Your Car at Risk?… Being Car Security Conscious is Important.

Is your car at risk?Your motor car is often your second most valuable asset and being car security conscious is important in its protection. 

Government crime statistics show, that vehicle related crime has decreased since 1997- good news!However nearly half a million vehicles are still stolen in the UK every year and 40% of those are never returned to their owners.

Vehicle crime accounts for over 25% of ALL reported crime, 40% of vehicle crime occurs in the road outside the home and around 30% happens in car parks.   … Continue Reading

Home Security Signs… Protect Your Home by Providing a Visible Deterrent to Burglars.

Home Security Signs and Stickers

Burglars prefer an easy target and will choose a home that looks vulnerable rather than one that appears to have a security system, so it is important that you protect your home by providing a visible deterrent.

Home Security signs and stickers do just that and are a great way to make burglars look elsewhere for an easier opportunity.They can also help to give you and your family peace of mind, especially the elderly and disabled who feel most vulnerable.

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Alarm Sensors…Are Essential and Primary Elements of Your Home Security System.

Alarm Sensors

A wide variety of security alarm sensors and detectors are available for use in your home security system.Alarm sensors UK are essential and primary elements of your security system, as it operates exclusively on the inputs from them. It is obvious what most sensors do, so I will only describe the main ones used in a basic system.

Contact Sensors About 90% of all burglaries involve external doors, either on entry to your home or leaving it. So undoubtedly the single most important part of your security system planning is the protection of all doors.

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Fire Safety U.K. What You Can Do to Prevent Fires.

Fire Safety UK

Statistics There is a domestic fire every 8 minutes in the UK. The latest Government statistics show that there was a 6% fall in fires in the home to 65,000.

Deaths and Injuries 3 out of 4 fire deaths occur in homes.There were 562 deaths, which represents a 7% decrease on the 606 recorded in 2001. 25% of all people killed in home fires are asleep at the time. Injuries resulting from fires fell by 5% to 16,600. … Continue Reading

Security News UK…The Latest News and Reports on Crime, Statistics and New Technology.

My aim on this page is to provide my visitors with the latest security news UK and reports on new technology, in home security solutions, alarms and camera systems, as well as current UK crime reports and statistics.

The page/s will be updated regularly, so do come back often for security updates.

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x10 Home Automation…Controls Your Home Systems Via Your Existing Power Line.

X10 Home Automation X10 home automation networking has been around for about 20 years. Pico Electronics of Scotland developed X10 as a home automation system and the first products were produced in 1978. Since then, the original patent has expired and prices for X10-compatible devices are now more affordable.

X10 is the ‘Standard Protocol’ For controlling electrical devices through the electrical wires in your home and X10 compatible products are manufactured and marketed by several companies, (including X10 Limited). So you don’t have to buy devices from X10 companies only, as all compatible devices display an X10 logo, which shows that the product works with other X10 products, regardless of manufacturer.

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Quality Garage Door Locks Can Deter the Opportunist Thief.

Garage Door Locks

In addition to housing your car, garages are often used to store expensive tools and garden machinery and when poorly secured, present an opportunity to the opportunist thief. The tools are often used for breaking into the house itself.

Consider having lockable steel boxes or cages fitted to the floor for securing your tools in, or items can be locked down using chains through eyebolts secured to the floor or walls.

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Audioguard Burglar deterrent CDs
Audioguard burglar deterrent, . This security system secures your home from burglars by making it sound and appear occupied.

Home Security Camera
Home Security Camera – Find the best Find the best wireless Home Security Camera Systems online

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