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Dog Knapping…Prevent Your Dog Becoming One of Many Stolen This Year.

Lost Dogs-Dog Knapping

Is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK, resulting in 40,000 owners being robbed of their pets.

The worst areas for lost dogs-dog knapping, covers Kent, Sussex and Surrey, where about 500 animals have gone missing in the past year.

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Door Entry Systems Provide Both Home Security and Peace of Mind.

Door Entry Systems are becoming increasingly popular as home security devices and are especially useful for elderly or disabled people, providing both security and peace of mind. Multi user systems are also available for use in flats and apartment blocks.

The door is secured at all times and visitors are only permitted entry via a remote release facility, which is linked to an audio-visual or audio only entry-phone. It’s the perfect way to distinguish expected visitors from the nuisance of door-to-door salesmen.

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Home Security Safes… Are your Cash and Valuables Secured?

Do I really need a home security safe, aren’t they for wealthy people?  

Most people have personal valuables, cash and jewellery, sentimental items that are irreplaceable, computer data discs and documents, which need extra protection in the event of burglary or fire. E.g. your home inventory of assets would prove invaluable in the event of an insurance claim.

OK- so what type of security safe do I need? 

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Boat Security… Boats are More at Risk Than Homes.

Boat Security It is important to take the security of your boat seriously.

Everything on your boat is at risk from thieves, who will help themselves to any marine equipment, which is not secured, accessories, personal possessions and even the boat itself. Protect your boat both at home and at your marina.

Boats are more at risk than homes, since a thief can just tow your boat away and stolen boats are very difficult to track down and retrieve.

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Wireless Burglar Alarms are the Latest Technology

Tell me more about wireless burglar alarms. 

Wireless burglar alarms are the latest technology and open up new possibilities, reducing installation times where wired systems would be complicated to set up or unsuitable.

During the past five years wireless home security alarms have proved to be increasingly popular with professional installers and consumers, as they have become aware of the various applications and advantages this type of system can offer, compared to the wired equivalent.   … Continue Reading

Home Safety…Don’t Become a Casualty Take Action Now To Prevent Accidents.

Home Safety UK- The Problem.

Government statistics show that there are about 2.8 million accidents in the home every year, where the victim visits an Accident and Emergency department for treatment. In addition, an almost identical number of casualties are treated by their own GP and millions of minor cases are treated at home.

However, because the accidents happen behind closed doors in isolated incidents, they seldom attract public and media attention.

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The Yale Wireless Alarm Home Monitor…Is Their Latest Innovative Wireless Security Alarm.

Yale Wireless Alarms

Yale is one of the best-known and most respected names in the lock industry, with millions of Yale locks in use worldwide.

Yale already has well established brands in wireless security alarms with a range of stand alone alarm kits, which provide for the needs of an individual living alone – up to a large family.

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A Home Inventory…Will Help You Establish Whether Your Contents Are Properly Insured.

Home Inventory

According to a recent survey some 33% of home owners and 38% of tenants don’t know the actual value of their possessions and about 25% of those who did work out the value of their contents, never got around to updating their insurance cover.

Incredibly, an estimated 5.9 million mortgage holders are under-insured, yet research showed that 55% of homeowners admitted they were fearful of being burgled, 34% about fire, 18% about burst pipes and 11% about suffering a flood.   … Continue Reading

Wireless CCTV…A Popular, Effective and Affordable Way to Achieve Security In Your Home.

Wireless CCTV Due to the current level of crime, people are naturally anxious to keep their family and property safe and secure from intruders and a simple home surveillance system can markedly reduce the risk of burglary, theft and vandalism.

An increasingly popular, effective and affordable way to achieve this in the home is to install a wireless CCTV system. This is the best option where it is difficult or unsuitable to run a video cable back to the VCR or monitor.   … Continue Reading

Door Locks UK How Secure Is Your Home?

Door Locks UK…How Secure Is Your Home?Statistics show that 2/3rds of Housebreakers gain entry or remove goods via the doors.

So it is important to ensure that the highest quality door locks that you can afford, protect your home.

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