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Personal Security…People Fear Being the Victim of a Violent Attack.

Personal Security

British Crime Survey statistics show, that there has been an increase in violent crime – both violence against the person and violence against property.

The survey considers this is due to improvements in data recording practices introduced in 2002. Violent crime recorded by the police rose from 52% in the year to September 2002 and to 62% in September 2003.

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Home Selling Tips-Security… Burglars Do Pose as Potential Buyers.

Home Selling Tips-Security

In recent years estate agents have seen an increase in assaults on them and are now aware of the need to protect themselves from criminals posing as homebuyers. They now try to adhere to a set of safety guidelines.

Their personal safety rules include, only showing homes in teams, making colleagues aware of their schedule, calling the office regularly and even making photocopies of prospective buyer’s driver-licenses. … Continue Reading

Credit Card Fraud…. Don’t Become a Victim.

Credit Card Fraud-Over £1 million a day is lost due to fraud on UK credit and debit cards.

Fraudulent cash machine withdrawals rose dramatically to over £60 million this year, on account of the use of skimming equipment, which copies card details, and hidden miniature cameras, which read cardholders’ PIN numbers at cash machines.

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Home Insurance UK Policies… Provide A Comprehensive Range of Protection.

Home Insurance UK

The most common form of household insurance, provides people with financial cover against loss or damage to their property and possessions, due to theft, fire, or floods etc.

Imagine that your house has been completely destroyed by fire, or you have been burgled. Now think about the horrendous cost of rebuilding your home, or replacing your valuable possessions- it’s a financial nightmare!

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Distraction Burglary… Don’t Become a Victim!

Distraction Burglary is defined as any crime where a falsehood, trick or distraction is used on an occupant of a dwelling to gain, or try to gain, access to the premises to commit burglary.

In the year to April 2004, there were 15,113 reported incidents of distraction burglary UK, where thieves entered homes by distracting the occupier in some way and then stolel cash or valuables. They often work in pairs and the elderly are favourite targets. While one does the talking, the other rummages through personal belongings looking for cash and valuables to steal.   … Continue Reading

Outdoor Security Lighting… Provides an Efficient Security Solution for Your Home.

Outdoor Security Lighting- can provide security, safety and add an attractive feature to your home.

Would be intruders can be put off, even if your security system consists of just floodlights, that are activated whenever movement is detected within your grounds.

Outside Security Lighting illuminates dark spots and shadows around the home, reducing hiding places for intruders.

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Neighbourhood Watch…Join or Set Up A Scheme in Your Area.

Neighbourhood Watch UK

History of Neighbourhood Watch A group of police officers visiting Chicago USA in 1982 discovered the concept of Neighbourhood Watch and decided to try the idea to combat crime in the UK and also make communities safer and friendlier places to live and work

The first scheme was set up in the village of Mollington in Cheshire, in response to a prevalent outbreak of burglaries and was an immediate success.

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Home Security System Reviews – Equipment Tests & Reports

Home Security Suppliers occasionally offer me the opportunity to test and report on their new home security systems,burglar alarms and security cameras etc.

Therefore, I plan to do some Home Security Systems Reviews and I hope this will help my visitors, to make an informed choice of their own home security equipment.

Watch this space……..

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Marking Property Improves the Chances Of Recovering Your Stolen Possessions.

 The Ultimate Theft Deterrent

SmartWater,the product for marking property, is designed to deter thieves and protect your possessions and is now recognized as one of the most powerful criminal deterrents available.

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The Crimestoppers Mission, Is to Create an Alliance to Fight Crime.

Crimestoppers is an independent UK charity which aims to stop crime. They work for you and your family and the community at large.

Crimestoppers UK functions countrywide to help with crime prevention, identify offenders and assist the police to solve and reduce crime in the UK.

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