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The Police Burglar Alarm Response…Varies According To The Type Of Alarm You Install.

Home Security Burglar Alarm Response.

If you already have, or are thinking about installing an alarm system in your home, you really need to know how the police response to alarm activations varies according to the type of alarm you install.

Police statistics show that in recent years over 92% of all alarm activations nationally were false alarm calls, caused by user error, faulty equipment or communication.

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Home Safety For The Elderly… How to Prevent Accidents in The Home.

Home Safety For The Elderly

Many more people are now living longer and enjoying life into their eighties and nineties. One of the consequences of advancing years is greater frailty due to declining health and mobility, leading to increased risk of injury and fatality due to accidents, especially in the home.

Home Accidents Elderly Statistics, show that every year around one in eight of those attending hospital following an accident in the home are aged 65 and over. In 1999 around 315,000 people aged over 75 years attended Accident & Emergency Depts. resulting from an accident at home.

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The Bosch Blue Line Detectors…Provide Optimum Performance And Maximum Flexibility.

The Bosch Blue Line Alarm Detectors

Bosch Security Systems have launched a new generation of high technology intrusion PIR alarm sensors, called Blue Line, aiming to provide optimum performance and  maximum flexibility for installation in virtually any residential or light commercial environment.

This new range of alarm sensors– designed with a pleasing horizontal blue crescent, is comprised of just four models and a choice of two camera modules to provide the technology installers need to provide a complete solution.

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The BT Home Monitoring-VP1000… Monitor Your Home By Phone, Text, or E-mail.

BT Home Monitoring VP1000

A burglar alarm monitored system is a very effective means of bringing a response to a home alarm activation.

BT’s Redcare UK who are the acknowledged leaders in remotely monitored alarm technology, are now offering an easy to install package called VP1000 at a very affordable price.

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About Us

About Us

Home Security Action is produced by Alistair Fyfe for Excelsior Information Systems Limited. You can contact us at:

Excelsior Information Systems Limited
PO Box 777

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Caravan Alarm…Your Caravan May Be Targetted by Thieves Don’t Let Them Get Away With It!

Caravan Alarm

Your valuable caravan/motor home and contents are increasingly a prime target for thieves, making it vital that they are protected by an approved caravan alarm system, which can also reduce your insurance premium, and give you peace of mind.

A Typical Quality Caravan Alarm UK is intended to:-

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The Alpha-Dot Security Marking System… Is An Innovative Theft Deterrent.

Microdots – There are some new innovative products available for marking property, such as Alpha-Dot Security Marking – 1000s of microdots are suspended in a clear adhesive. Each dot bears a serial number, unique to that batch:-

The Alpha-Dot Security Marking System with Database Tracking produced by Alpha Scientific in partnership with Cambridge Consultants Limited, is an innovative theft deterrent.

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Window Locks Do Help to Deter House-Breakers.

The Benefits of Window Locks are often overlooked.An incredible 66% of house break-ins are through a window, usually via a back window often in a secluded situation.

Window locks are not expensive, readily available in DIY shops and can be applied to a wide range of different window types, such as sash windows, wooden casement or metal windows.Even small windows such as skylights or bathroom fanlights need locks.

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Driveway Alarms…Provide A Valuable Extension To Your Home Security System.

Driveway Alarms

Driveway security alarms provide a valuable extension to any home security system, by giving you an added layer of protection to secure your home from a possible intrusion.

Users are less liable to miss a home delivery and will be aware of who is approaching their home before the doorbell rings.

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The New X10 FloodCam Wireless CCTV…Combines Camera And PIR Sensing Lights in a Compact Solution.

The X10 ‘FloodCam’ Motion Sensing Floodlight and Wireless CCTV.

The New X10 FloodCam Wireless Camera combines the best of X10 surveillance and motion-activated technology in one compact powerful solution.

Take any intruders by surprise when caught in the glare of the twin floodlights (bulbs not included) and instantly capture all the action on your TV or video recorder.

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