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A New Home Internet Security Camera… The Panasonic Wireless- G Network Camera – BL-C30A.

A New Home Internet Security Camera-

The Panasonic Wireless- G Network Camera – BL-C30A Is easy to install, simple to use and requires no additional software in the observing PC.

The BL-C30A wireless network camera can be connected directly to a router either wired or wireless and operate without your PC being switched on. It can be linked to other cameras and 30 users can view the images at once.

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Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems Open Up New Possibilities

Wireless burglar alarm systems open up new possibilities, reducing installation times where wired systems would be complicated to set up or unsuitable.

Wireless home security alarms are increasingly popular with professional installers and consumers, as they have become aware of the various applications and advantages this type of system can offer, compared to the wired equivalent.

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The Bosch Abacus Evolution Burglar Alarm Control Panel… Is Easy to Install ,Use, & Expand.

The New Bosch Abacus Evolution Burglar Alarm Control Panel.

Bosch Security Systems has simplified the task of meeting the latest intruder alarm standards, (which all installers and users must meet from 1st October, 2005). 

The Bosch Abacus Evolution Burglar Alarm Control Panel can be configured to meet virtually any residential and commercial requirement to EN50131, PD6662 and DD243 standards. It also meets or exceeds BSIA and ACPO false alarm requirements.

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Web Cam Security…Why Not Use A Web Cam as Part of Your Home Security System?

Web Cam Security

Why not use web cam surveillance as part of your home security system? You can buy a basic web cam and software for under £100, making it by far the cheapest CCTV option and it is also fun to use.

A web cam is a basic small video camera that captures moving or still images and sends them to your PC, via a USB connection (Hi-speed preferred). One with a built in microphone will provide you with audio as well.

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Robust Padlock Security…Protects Outbuildings, Like Your Garden Shed Or Garage.

Padlock Security of Outbuildings

When assessing the security of your home don’t forget that your outbuildings need protection as well, such as your garden shed or storeroom, a detached garage, or a workshop.

Homeowners in the UK now use their garages to store thousands of pounds worth of contents, making them easy targets for opportunistic thieves.

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A Home CCTV Security System…Can Effectively Protect Your Home And Family.

Home CCTV Security System

If you worry about the welfare and safety of your family, home and property, why not let your PC watch over them using the latest home CCTV UK monitoring technology.

With A Home Security CCTV System you can easily:-

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BT Homesafe Broadband Alarm Protects And Monitors Your Home.

BT, the UK’s largest supplier of Broadband, has been working with Internet monitoring and control specialist Intamac Systems to develop BT Homesafe, a new online alarm  with IP security and CCTV capability that customers can self install in their homes with ease.

The system provides people and their property with new levels of protection using broadband connectivity at an affordable price.

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CO2 Fire Extinguishers… are Suitable for Class B & C Fires, Involving Flammable Liquids and Electrical Risks.

CO2 Fire Extinguishers UK – Colour Black – Class B & C Fires.

CO2 Fire Extinguishers are suitable for class B & C fires involving flammable liquids and for electrical risks, due to its non-damaging very effective performance.

CO2 is harmless to electrical equipment and materials, so it is ideal for electronic risks such as computers, fax, switch gear etc. and fires caused by the combustion of liquids such as, petrol oils, fats, spirits or solvents.

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Water Fire Extinguishers UK Are Suitable for Use on Class A Fires.

Water Fire Extinguishers UK – Colour Red – Class A fires.

Water Extinguishers- are suitable for most Class A fires, caused by the combustion of materials such as wood, straw, textiles, paper, coal etc. but remember they must NEVER be used on fires involving flammable liquids or electrical equipment as: –

The water can conduct electricity back to you.

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Audible Intruder Alarms the Cheapest Option

Your cheapest option would be Audible Intruder Alarms, where the burglar alarm sounds at the premises only. An activation just sets off an internal and external siren or bell. This is the cheap option, but subject to strict police response rules, i.e. if there is confirmation of criminal activity – such as a neighbour seeing a burglary happening or hearing glass breaking.

The main features to look for in audible intruder alarms are a tamper detection option, choice of sounder, bells or siren and a personal attack facility. Also take into account the design and security of the external sounder housing. The audible burglar alarm should be fitted with a twenty-minute cutout device. The Control of Noise (Code of Practice on Noise from audible intruder alarms) Order 1981 refers.

Since 1996 new regulations have been brought in to regulate the security industry in the UK, particularly the installation of burglar alarms. Prior to 1996 inexpertly fitted alarms were responsible for a tremendous waste of police time, statistics proved that 96% of all intruder alarm activations attended by the police were false. The police decided that new rules were required and the ACPO Alarms Policy came into force.

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