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The Diatem Espace Wireless Home Alarm System… A Totally Wire Free And Radio Alarm System.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems are the latest technology and open up new solutions for home security, where wired systems would be complicated to set up or unsuitable.

In recent years, wireless alarm systems have proved to be very popular with professional installers and consumers, as they have become aware of the various applications and advantages this type of system can offer, compared to the wired equivalent.

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Home Security Bars… Provide a Tough Secondary Protection.

Do I Need Home Security Bars? 

Visual deterrents- the things that a burglar sees when he targets your home, can make him consider that your house defences are too difficult to overcome and in making the attempt he will risk being seen or arrested.

Where visual discouragement fails- the home security bars UK companies supply, can provide you with another line of defence for your home.
Installing home security grills does make house breaking more difficult and time consuming, to the extent that the burglar may just give up for fear of being seen and arrested.

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Home Manager…Monitors Your Home And Informs You Of Alerts.

 Home Security Alarm System/Intamac Home Manager

Intamac Systems Ltd is an award winning UK Company in the Internet Accessed Monitoring and Control Services market. The company has developed a unique Internet platform and portal, through which they network systems and appliances to deliver new and innovative products and services.

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Foam Fire Extinguishers UK are Suitable for Both Class A & B Fires.

Foam Fire Extinguishers UK – Colour Cream – Class A & B Fires.

Foam Fire Extinguishers are ideal for both A & B class fires. Extinguishers containing the agent AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) are especially suited for fires involving materials such as fats, petrol, oils, paints, etc. This foam also cools solid material fires.

Conventional foam does not work well on some liquids so it isn’t recommended for home use, but foam is very effective on most fires – except electrical and chip pan fires.

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Bosch Intruder Alarm Easy Series… The Easy to Use Intruder Detection Solution.

Overall Winner of the Best New Intruder Alarm Product Award of the year at IFSEC 2005.

The Bosch Intruder Alarm – Easy Series, Simplifies Intruder Alarm Systems for Homes and Small Businesses. 

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A Burglar Alarm Monitored System – The AlertMe Security System is an affordable new wireless burglar alarm monitored system providing a clever way for people to keep a close eye on their homes, wherever they may be, by mobile phone and the Internet. (Launching in January 2008)

AlertMe is an intuitive and friendly home monitored alarm that can easily be set up within an hour, without the need for tools, drilling or wiring.

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Response Alarms Provide The Ideal Solution For The Care And Support Of Elderly People

Visonic Response Alarms

Elderly people wish to continue living in their own homes and remain independent for as long as possible, however poor health often makes that difficult. 

The adult children/carers, on the other hand are anxious about leaving elderly people on their own, but sometimes the demands of caring for them can prove problematic.

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HomeLink Garage Door Opener…Is Ideal For Connecting Your Vehicle To Your Home.

HomeLink The Integrated Gate and Garage Door Opener

HomeLink The Integrated Gate and Garage Door Opener developed by Johnson Controls (a global market leader in automotive systems), is a smart option that links your car’s interior and your home using an innovative remote control.

It is the first permanently fitted, integrated gate and garage-door opener, which blends with the car’s interior design and provides both comfort and convenience. The product can be fitted in the overhead console, the rear view mirror, or the sun visor, depending on the manufacturer and model.

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Caravan Security…. Caravans can Present Easy Targets for Thieves.

How can I improve my caravan security? 

Your caravan or motor home and contents are very valuable and a prime target for thieves, making it vital that you are aware of the need for caravan security.

Around 3000 caravans are stolen annually, so Insurance Companies are offering discounts in premiums to encourage owners to improve their security.

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Home Security Internet Cameras are an Effective Video Security Solution.

How about turning your PC into an effective Home Security Internet System? Home Security Internet Cameras enable you to view video images of your home from a remote location over the Internet. 

Enjoy the peace of mind that your home and possessions are secure, by monitoring your property from your home, office, out and about, or anywhere in the world, via a remote PC, laptop, hand-held computer or mobile phone.

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